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Comfort & Harmony mombo Nursing Pillow

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

mombo Nursing Pillow

Becoming a mom is the greatest joy on most of our lives.  Many of us like myself included couldn’t wait for the day to hold a little one in our arms and claim them as our own.  I know my heart sure swelled with the birth of each of my boys.  I knew what I was getting myself into though unlike my husband who was didn’t understand why he had to pack an overnight bag to go to the hospital.  I knew I would be that mom who was tired, spit up on, carried a hundred pictures in my wallet and thought he was the cutest kid around that no other baby could compare.  That’s right ladies I know we can all relate.

With the birth of a child comes advice, yep more than we can even process.  There is advice before they are even born about how to tell what gender they are, what we should eat and what type of birth we should have.  The advice I received the most of however, is what products were a must to have.  As a new mom I fell for all of it!  My house became stuffed full with every little product that was mentioned, research was done about which product was the best (and affordable) in it’s class.  After all baby products are an investment because I know few moms who only use them for one child (some of my stuff has been used by at least 5 now.

The nursing pillow like the Comfort & Harmony, quickly became one of my favorite items to have and still remains a favorite around the house.  The Comfort & Harmony nursing pillow has a unique shape and a two-sided design called Firm2Soft™, with each side offering a different experience. The firm side gives essential support for mommy and her nursing baby. The soft side is extra cozy—an inviting place for lounging or tummy time. And the mombo nursing pillow has a vibration feature, to give baby the ultimate soothing experience while lounging.

My babies are growing up and we don’t really have a use for a “nursing pillow” anymore however that doesn’t stop ours from being one of the most used pillows in the house. Because nursing pillows are cut out perfect for little heads and shoulders to have support while reading books or viewing tv from the floor. Corbin still hauls my nursing pillow around the house as his favorite pillow. With the variety of colors and designs available for the Comfort & Harmony nursing pillow you can extend the life well into toddler hood.

You can keep up with everything mombo via Comfort & Harmony on Facebook and Comfort & Harmony on Twitter.  This will help you stay up to date on all mombo’s newest products and nursing pillow covers released. The mombo brand can be purchased in-store or on-line at Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

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  • Amber Edwards

    I had a very basic pillow, but it was a lifesaver. I would love to have a mombo pillow with my next baby! It would totally rock!

    • Brandy

      Mine was not near this fancy, but if I ever need another one the mombo pillow will be top on my list.

  • Lena

    My pillow was very basic, so I am a bit jealous of this one

  • Jenna Wood

    I picked up a Comfort and Harmony nursing pillow for a friends baby shower, she has told me multiple times how comfortable it is for baby and mom.

    • Brandy

      What a great gift Jenna and one that will get lots of use!

  • Bre Dale

    OOoohh I love it! The taggies are especially fun! Maybe next time!

  • Sandy a la Mode

    oh my! i need that for my next baby!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  • Jenn @comebackmomma

    I could not LIVE without my nursing pillow. Babies LOVE to play with the little tags too. Great design.

    • Brandy

      I would have loved the tags on mine. I can see that making tummy time a lot better!

  • Ellen Christian

    Aw that’s the cutest thing!

  • Kristyn

    i will be having my baby in a few months and really want to get one of these!

    • Brandy

      Congrats! A mombo nursing pillow would be a wonderful addition to your ever growing baby needs. I love it because it has multiple uses even after they are older.

  • Teresha F

    My 3 yo still sleeps on her nursing pillow. She finds great comfort in it!

  • This is such an awesome nursing pillow – I wish I had one like this when my kids were babies! Such neat things they come out with for babies…and moms!

  • Hanan

    I have one of these, since it came out. It’s a great pillow!