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Easily Dehydrate Parsley To Enjoy Year Round

Why Dehydrate Parsley

Parsley is a great addition to just about any meal but keeping it on hand is not always the most convenient thing. If your like me you have tried to grow it in your window garden and became a total failure because you couldn’t use it all so you gave up. After all a little goes a looong way. It was to hard for me to waste it all so I just let my plants die…what turned out to be a very slow death for them. Fast forward two years later and I am working my dehydrator to the bone. Hardly a night can be slept in my house without hearing the soft hum of something being preserved and last week was the latest harvest from my window garden, parsley.

All winter long I will be using this delicious herb in just about everything I make. Because parsley is so easy to grow in abundance, I stuck with growing only two plants and am still able to fill a tray in my dehydrator with the extra.

Dehydrated Parsley

How To Dehydrate Parsley

If you think growing parsley is easy than stand back and be amazed at how easy it is to dry parsley. It really is a matter if harvesting, pinching off from the stems, soaking in your sink or washing well to remove bugs and dirt and placing in your dehydrator on 135 degrees until dry. As I am only drying a sheet at a time mine is done in a couple of hours. Your drying time will vary according to how full your dehydrator is. Pack it full with several trays and you could be looking at 8 hours.  I then store mine in either a small canning jar or I save all those old spice jars from store bought spices.

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What is your favorite thing to dehydrate?  Is there something in particular you would like to learn to dehydrate?  Do you have a favorite dehydrator or brand?

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  • Kirsten

    My Basset Hound, Robert Barker, jumped up on the stove control panel and one of his big flippers pressed a button which taught me that my oven has a dehydrate setting.
    Ah, dogs.
    I still haven’t used it, but I am grateful to the hound for alerting me to the option.
    Thanks for allowing me to include this post in my What To Do When You’ve Got a Lot of Fresh Herbs round up!

    • Brandy

      How convenient that it has the setting built right into your stove…convenient until you are drying onions! I have to do those and garlic in the garage.

  • carol

    microwave will dehydrate parsley and many more things.

  • carol

    The microwave will hydrate anything for you.

    • Brandy

      Thanks for stopping by and the tip about the microwave. It’s a great way to heat up the liquid which makes hydrating items fast!

  • Lisa

    I am putting a dehydrator on my wish list! Thanks for linking up with “Try a New Recipe Tuesday.” Hope you will be able to join us this again this week.

  • Tiffany C.

    What a great idea. Never ever have I thought to do this, but it makes perfect sense. Now I want a dehydrator.

    • Brandy

      I highly recommend one. I don’t own a fancy one but am able to make so many of the dried herbs and spices I use everyday.

  • I’ve never used a food dehydrator before, but I can imagine it would save you money. Awesome idea!