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Fruit Bucket List: 30 Different Fruits to Enjoy This Month

Eating fruit is a great way to stay healthy, hydrated, and keep lots of vitamins and minerals in your diet. We can easily get into fruit ruts, eating the same two or three different fruits and then becoming bored. This fruit bucket list can help you add some variety to your life and explore all of the wonderful different fruits out there. Look at this Fruit Bucket List: 30 Different Fruits to Grow or Enjoy this Month and start enjoying fruit the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Cherries, Watermelon and oranges

30 Different Fruits to Enjoy This Month

1. Bananas.
Although they seem boring at first, you can put bananas in smoothies, dessert recipes, and even bake them into chips.

2. Pears.
Skip the fat-filled dessert and try a baked pear as a sweet treat. Just peel, sprinkle with cinnamon, and heat until soft.

3. Cranberries.
Freeze cranberries and use them to keep your drinks cool. They are full of antioxidants!

4. Grapes.
Freeze grapes to use as ice in wine, or freeze them to enjoy as a cold snack. Both red and green work great!

5. Apples.
Apples are amazing! You can eat fresh, dip them, dry them, make applesauce, or even eat them on grilled cheese sandwiches. Try green, yellow, and red varieties.

6. Blueberries.
Full of nutrients, blueberries make a great snack. Add them to smoothies or freeze them so they last longer.

7. Raspberries.
Tasty and easy to grow, raspberries are great for snacking. Try planting some raspberry bushes in your yard as they are perennials that will produce each year.

8. Mango.
Mango is perfect when chopped and added to salsa or salads. It is great for your skin, and can even be added to homemade face scrubs.

9. Watermelon.
Add watermelon to your cottage cheese or even salad greens. It does well when paired with savory foods. For even more, try planting watermelon seeds and grow your own.

10. Sprite melon.
This white melon is much like a cantaloupe with a pretty white color and super-sweet taste! Try eating it fresh or add it to fruit salads.

11. Cantaloupe.
Use cookie cutters to create shapes out of your cantaloupe. Add the shapes to wood skewers to create a fun snack for kids.

12. Cucuamelon.
A cucamelon is a small cucumber with a melon flavor! This hybrid can be grown from seed and seeds can be found at most online retailers. Try it!

13. Plums.
Plums can be used to make jellies and jams or enjoyed fresh. Dry plum chunks to make your own nutrient-rich prunes.

14. Peaches.
Did you know you can grill peaches? Grill and melt a savory cheese on top for an appetizer or after-dinner treat.

15. Pineapple.
Excellent when added to cottage cheese and fruit salads, pineapple can also be eaten dried. It tastes just like candy!

16. Papaya.
This tropical fruit also tastes like candy when dried. You can even add it to trail mix if you wish.

17. Strawberries.
Dried strawberries are as sweet as sugar. You can also grow strawberries quite easily in container gardens!

18. Hula berry.
A hula berry is a white strawberry that is just as sweet and fun. You can grow your own in a container garden or basic garden plot, with seedlings available at your local gardening center.

19. Cherries.
Who doesn’t love cherries? Buy them when in season for the best deals. Snack on them or add to dessert recipes.

20. Lemon.
Use fresh lemon to infuse your water and add nutrients. You can also add lemon to homemade marinades.

21. Grapefruit.
This fruit can help you lose weight and feel great. Enjoy it infused in your water or eat fresh with a side of cottage cheese.

22. Apricot.
High in fiber, apricots are excellent fresh, grilled, or even dried and used for snacking.

23. Kiwi
Slice kiwi looks great when used as an edible garnish. You can also use it to infuse your water or add to fruit salad.

24. Limes.
Use limes to infuse water or add it to your homemade marinade recipes.

25. Oranges.
Fresh oranges can be used to make homemade orange juice. Add it to marinades, or even add oranges to your citrus salads.

26. Pomegranate.
They can be a lot of work to peel, but once peeled the seeds in pomegranates are delish! Add the seeds to cocktails to give them extra flavor and texture.

27. Elderberry.
This is one berry that is excellent for your health and can help keep your immune system strong. Make your own jams and syrups using elderberry.

28. Figs.
Enjoy figs fresh or melt goat cheese on top for a quick and easy appetizer. Grow your own fig bush so you can eat these tasty treats year after year.

29. Starfruit.
This citrus fruit with the fun star shape looks amazing as an edible garnish.

30. Persimmon.
If you are ready to try something different, a persimmon is it. Use it for snacking, in desserts, or even creative with it in appetizers.

As you can see, there are so many fruits out there to try! Consider this fruit bucket list and try something new each day!

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