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7 Essential Life Skills to Teach in Your Homeschool

“Who needs life skills? We are already living,” Some parents may say.

Well, that’s great but the question is: Are you really teaching your kids how to LIVE? How would they behave if an emergency occurred? 

Life skills are important for everyone. They are skills we all need to have for those moments when we find ourselves stranded or in dire need to come out of a critical situation. Teaching your kids life skills could prove very beneficial for them and other members of society in the future. We have sampled some of the most important and common skills here.

Pictures of kids doing different life skills with the main picture having apples and books

Life Skills Every Homeschooler Should Learn

Basic First Aid

Instead of panicking when an emergency happens, teach your kids how to do some basic first aid. This is a vital lesson in that it could be a potentially life-saving one. Let them know what do in various situations and emergency numbers to call. You can start by teaching them basic CPR.

Money management

I’m still amazed by the number of adults who have not mastered the art of money management today. Do not let your kid be a statistic. Start teaching them about money management at a young age. The basic forms of money management you can teach them to include budgeting, saving and prioritize on expenditure. Let them know how to make the right choices using what they have at hand.

Father and son working on a car together.

Basic Auto Maintenance

You do not expect them to become mechanics but you need to teach them the basics of auto maintenance. These include pumping gas, changing tires, checking the pressure of the car tires, knowing which fluid to put and where. You will save yourself a lot of headaches and even money when they reach driving age. They won’t have to keep calling you to go change a tire for them.

Social skills

On the social aspect, let them learn how to approach and talk to other people, including strangers. Teach them to respect and welcome the opinion of other people on different topics.

Teach them basic technology

Everything is going digital now and you need to let your kids know how to operate basic technology gadgets. Let them learn how to use a computer, phones and other gadgets around the house. You might spark interest in a technology career. You never know!

Household management

A well-organized household saves time, energy and even reduces stress. Teach your kids how to manage the house. You can have them start by making their beds in the morning. Give them chores around the house and correct them where they go wrong. They will appreciate these lessons when they move out.

A child holding a laundry basket with a teddy bear in it.

Sewing and laundry

Kids will learn to you every time they lose a button on their favorite shirts. Its time you teach them how to sew. This will save you some time and give them new life skills. Also, show them how to sort clothes for laundry and explain to them why some have to be washed in a certain way from the rest. That’s a life skill right there!