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Family Command Center + Printables

Family Command Center + Printables

Family Command Center
At the start of the year I made a silent pact with myself that I was going to get on top of organizing things in my house. With things like a menu plan, printable grocery list and my editable birthday list I was still failing.

I started off with big plans but with no central location to keep all this information I was no better off than when I started. With a grocery list being lost on the counter, a birthday list that the kids had drawn on and a menu plan that was found under my son’s bed I knew that I needed a place to keep all this information.

This is a project that I have been wanting for awhile now but when I priced the metal my husband quickly vetoed the project. For some reason he didn’t think $200 (just for the metal) was worth the chance that I MIGHT get myself organized. So to the back burner this project went.

A couple months later I found myself in the local hardware store with a plan in mind. I had read on several blogs that they were able to go to Home Depot and get a sheet of metal that was pretty close to the sizes they would already need. Well I am far from a Home Depot but my local guys took care of me with something called Valley Tin.

Valley Tin is a galvanized tin that comes off of a roll in varying widths. My local shop had this tin in at least 18, 24 and 36 inches. I noticed several other widths on the shelf as well but can’t confirm what they were. I quickly snagged myself 36 inches of the 24 inch wide valley tin for less than $15! Cory has no complaints now.

The one issue with the tin is that the guy cutting my tin was a little crazy with his tin snips. I had to clean up the edges which could be done with your own pair of tin snips or I took my to Ecodynamics (local metal shop) and had them sheer it off for me. You could contact a local metal shop and even some auto body shops might have this tool. It gave a super clean edge that didn’t leave any jagged edges for me to work with.

I knew my wall that I wanted to cover was 33 inches wide and with the hanging magazine rack I purchased the 24 inch wide tin there would be very little overlap between the two.

I really wanted a white board rather than the metal part showing but after much research I just couldn’t make my self spend the money on one. Boy was I glad that I found this whiteboard vinyl made by Wall Pops that was $19.99. I snagged a few other things from Amazon that I wanted as part of my Family Command Center, printed off my new Menu Planner and a few grocery lists along with some chore charts for the boys and of course my trusty cordless drill. I was ready for assembly of my Family Command Center which was hung and ready to use in less than an hour.

Family Command Center Materials

.  Valley Tin according to your wall size
Whiteboard Vinyl
3M Command Strips
2 Screws – Will vary according to wall width
10 Pocket Magazine Rack – I would keep an eye on this price as I paid only $45.
**Magnets – I like these hooked magnets for my keys and these pushpin magnets for my papers
**We also have these gear magnets for the boys to play with
Magnetic Dry Erase Eraser – Love that this hangs right on the wall
Dry Erase Markers
Magnetic Pen Holders – I have two so the kids have their own down low
Chore Chart Printable – I have several available on my Family Command Pinterest board
Menu Plan Printable
Birthday List Printable
Grocery List Printable – HERE or HERE
Printable Calendar – I have several available on my Family Command Pinterest boardWe use our phone calendar so you won’t see one on my Family Command Center

Family Command Center Directions

1. I cleaned my wall with some basic isopropyl alcohol to make sure that my 3M strips would stick. I attached 3M strips to the back of my tin on all four sides and positioned my tin on the wall. The amount of 3M strips you will need will vary according to your tin size, I was used 2 packages spread out on 4 sides and it was more than enough. The 3M strips allowed me to make sure I had my tin where I wanted it without first putting holes in the wall. You could skip these but it was a lifesaver for me so that I didn’t have to have 10 hands trying to hold the tin in place and managing my drill as well.

2. My amazing husband attached my tin to the wall with 2 screws in the top corners. The 3M strips were left on and are keeping the rest of the command center in place nicely.

3. If you will be using the whiteboard vinyl now is the time to attach it. Clean your surface with isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry. Essentially your putting one giant screen saver on your phone. You know the process of working in small sections and smoothing out all the bubbles as you go.

4. Hang magazine rack following directions that came with your magazine rack.

5. Assemble your Family Command Center with your little touches. I used these magnets to hold our keys, I love these pushpin magnets for my papers and I am the laminating queen for things like my meal plan.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen.  Our family command center was up in less than an hour once all the pieces were gathered and my family is hopefully on it’s way to being more organized.  I did slightly fail at the menu plan the first week but we are back on track, things are getting added to the grocery list and I remember to actually take it since I can find it.  In years to come I see this being a huge asset to our family!

Would a family command center be helpful in your house?  What types of things would we find on your command center?  Specific printables that would be helpful?





  • sharon

    I don’t have a set board or tray system, but I do have only 1 area that I allow to keep the stuff that is important to my family schedules. It’s so important to be organized.

  • I need to set something like this up. I am an hot mess when it comes to being organized.

  • Tasha

    We so need one of these in our home! So much disorganization going on here! That is going to change in the next two weeks 🙂

  • Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

    You did a fantastic job! That looks like a system you’d be able to buy in a store!

  • You know I have looked everywhere for a “command center” that I could hang by my desk that would work for me. I didn’t find one. I never thought about trying to make one. brilliant!

  • Liz Mays

    It would most definitely make a difference! You’re so smart to implement that!

  • Toni

    I love printables for organization needs. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Amy Desrosiers

    What a cool idea!! I would totally love one of these command centers in our home too!

    • Brandy

      It’s been on my must have list for a while. I promise it’s been worth the wait!

  • Ellen Christian

    I really need this. I have things scattered all over everywhere!

    • Brandy

      That’s what I felt like Ellen. Now my “scatter” is scattered in one spot at least.

    • Brandy

      I have always been like that as well Ellen. Now my “scatter” is all scattered in a central location at least.

  • Sandra

    This is awesome, I am sharing this with my brother.

  • emily

    Oh this is prefect! Just what we need to do at our house, thanks for sharing!

  • Will you work for food and drinks? I would love for you to come over and help me get organized too 🙂 I love your ideas!

    • Brandy

      What time is dinner? 🙂

  • Pam

    I totally need to make one of these. I am so unorganized right now.

    • Brandy

      My husband would tell you I am the most unorganized person ever. It’s been fun getting it all together and hopefully it steamlines my day.

  • Angela S

    This would come in oh so handy. You look so organized!

  • Amanda A

    great idea on a family command center!

  • Daisy

    These are really cool. Off to print some of these…

  • It’s funny you should blog about this because I just put up a dry erase board in my room a couple months back that has slowly but surely acted as my own personal organizational board for everything I need to get done and remember. And let me tell you: Miracle. Worker! I think everyone should invest in something like this if nothing else for the peace of mind that everything is in one place 🙂

    • Brandy

      I am learning that I have to have a central location for everything important. I take after my mother and I have a pile here and a pile there. I always remember where I stashed things but no one else in the family can find it, this is helping us all!

  • Tara

    Ahh, this is so smart and great way to be more organized.

  • Great tips, i really need to make one of these in my kitchen, way too many piles are all over the place – I need some organization!!

  • Jennifer Soltys

    This is so awesome. I need to remodel my office and I really want to setup a system like this. I am bookmarking your post for when I need the help!!

    • Brandy

      Good luck on the remodel. I hunted for months to find a system I knew I could stick with and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • Kelsey Apley

    Look at you!! I have a big calendar on my desk I use to store all the upcoming events and such! I love your wall idea!

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I have a big messy bulletin board with everything just throw all over the place on there. I would definitely benefit from a little organization like you have done!