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Free Printable Summer Word Search

It’s no secret that I am a mom but it might be a secret that I am a certified elementary teacher. I keep this under wraps or my husband reminds me it is almost time to get a job and put my degree to use. Just because I don’t have my own classroom in a school doesn’t mean my children can’t be my students. No I don’t plan on homeschooling, but working on letters, numbers, shapes, etc. while I am cooking dinner is a good way to keep the kids busy. That keeps me from yelling across the room and it keeps them learning. A win-win situation.

Lately, I have been developing my own printables to use. Let’s face it we all know that if kids enjoy what they are doing they will work longer and take in more of what they are learning. Worksheets can be a bit boring and monotonous but if I slap a truck or tractor on them we have a winner. I laminate all of my printables and keep them in three ring binders with a pouch filled with markers or crayons. This makes it easy to wipe off and I can use it multiple times. If you don’t have a laminator the page protectors work just fine.

printable summer word search with text summer word find printable


Click the picture above or the links below to download the files.

Summer Fun Word Search

I hope you enjoy this free printable summer word search for your own kids and their learning. As with all printables on the internet, I encourage you to use this free printable summer word search for your own learning purposes. Share this page with others even, but please don’t use my work to make money.**




  • Kathy T

    I think I am going to print a few for my classroom