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Free Write April

A year or so ago my Internet usage consisted mainly of checking my email, my school site and (duh) of course Facebook. Thanks to Brandy who introduced me to an entirely awesome dimension of the Internet I can continue my obsession to find deals. Really it makes me feel like I get a jab back at the economy/government (one point each). As vast as the Internet is I keep finding new sites, that lead to new deals that lead to more points. Then I was thinking that everybody probably has some favorite sites for discounts or deals, So I wanted to share mine and ask if you will share yours!

My favorite sites for grocery shopping are
Deal Seeking Mom
Springs Bargains

For shopping online
Pinching your Pennies: Screaming Deals Online
Retail Me Not

For Freebies
Hey it’s Free
Erics Free Site
Freebie Princess

Share with us your favorite sites! Whats so great about them! 🙂