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Raise Them How??

I was recently asked to review children behavior, and guiding type books. This got me to thinking about the morals I want my boys to have to survive succeed in life, whatever they may chose. When I first became a parent I didn’t think about this stuff (sleep was actually on my mind, a lot). However knowing that I am responsible for guiding these boys be be kind, respectful and independent men is a lot of pressure. Some of the things I want my boys to be is understanding, good morals (knowing right from wrong without the threat of punishment), valuing others, be able to independently support themselves as an adult, be reasonably educated, know to swim and read, and I have many others (I know in a perfect world I could have it all, but reality I’ll hope for some more than others). I started wondering what other parents want/wanted to instill in their children. Tell me what you value in raising you kids.




  • Twingle Mommy

    I feel like I'm doing something right when my kids follow the rules without my asking. Like my daughter taking off her shoes at other people's house. But in general, I want my kids be compassionate, good students, stick up for each other, and never move too far away from mommy. đŸ™‚ I could add a lot more to the list, but I think those are pretty good goals.