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3 Smart Home Security Tips for Every WAHM

Working from home? Home security should be the last thing that you worry about. Unfortunately, a single burglary happens every 13 seconds in the United States, according to data from the FBI and reported by the online safety resource WAHM can take action to keep what matters most safe. And rather than worry about criminals coming into your home, worry about deadlines and answering important emails instead. Here are a few ways to keep your home safer.

Work at home mom holding a baby while on the phone and looking at her computer.

Lock Up

It may seem obvious, but locking up is key to keeping your home safeguarded against burglars and would-be criminals looking to make your home and property a target. A shocking number of burglars enter directly through unlocked windows and doors. In fact, it is estimated that 30 percent of burglars enter through unlocked windows and doors, according to data reported by SafeWise. Keep in mind that floor-level windows and doors are commonly targeted. Take precaution by locking up and securing all entry points, even when you are home. It is said that most burglary crimes take place during the daytime hours between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Don’t let your home become a target.

Modern Home Security

The home security systems available today are now easier to operate and install than before. And, it’s smart to consider adding a modern home security system to your property. Homes that have security systems in place are less likely to become burglary targets; homes without security systems are 300 percent more likely to be targeted than homes that have security systems installed and in place, says Today’s security systems from Lorex, for example, feature HD picture quality, impeccable night vision technology and audio monitoring options. Plus, many of these systems can be controlled directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Get to Know the Neighbors

If you don’t already know your neighbors, get to know them. There are a handful of reasons to get acquainted with who lives on your street. The majority of break-ins in the United States are committed by a person who lives nearby. In fact, reports from SafeWise show that the average burglar lives within just two miles of their target home. Living within close proximity of the target homes gives burglars the chance to learn your day-to-day schedule and when you are not at home. These criminals might even monitor your home by looking for signs that you are away, such as newspapers or fliers accumulating at your front door. Encourage the neighbors that you are friendly with to keep an eye out for any kind of suspicious activity around your property, whether you are at home or away. And be a good neighbor by returning the favor and doing the same for them.

Each and every single one of use should feel safe in our homes, whether we work from home on a daily basis or stay home with the kids. With these home security tips, from knowing your neighbors, locking up your home or installing security cameras, you can work-at-home with peace of mind.