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Homemade Coffee Creamer ~ Base With Flavor Variations

Homemade Coffee Creamer

Coffee is my pick me up in the morning. Not because of the caffeine I actually brew decaf but because I LOVE the flavor. Not so much of the coffee but of the mixture of coffee and creamer together. Dreamy hazelnut, mint to awaken the senses, chocolate as dessert. The possibilities are endless especially if you take the two minutes it takes to make your own.

Yes I said make your own rather than hope for a sale so you can stock up on 10 bottles at once. Your family can go without milk for a couple of weeks because your out of room in the fridge right? Maybe that’s just me. Yea pretty sure it’s just me, someone please tell me it’s not just me.

My kiddos are learning that it’s best not to talk to mommy until she has had at least a few sips of coffee. The morning just runs much smoother if I get I have that few minutes to myself standing at the kitchen counter pretending the children don’t see me. Rejoicing in the awakening of the senses that fresh brewed coffee does for me.

Homemade coffee creamer needs two base ingredients which makes a basic sweet cream flavor, and I store mine in a water bottle with a pour spout. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done right. Add flavorings to get your favorite flavor.

Homemade Coffee Creamer
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  1. 14 oz. sweetened condensed milk
  2. 14 oz. white milk (I prefer whole but you can lighten it up with 2%, 1% or even skim milk)
  3. **You can substitute sugar-free versions for your own dietary needs.
  1. Get a water bottle out that holds approximately 30 ounces.
  2. Pour your 14 oz. of sweetened condensed milk into your water bottle and half your milk in. Give this a gentle shake.
  3. **If you pour in all the milk at once your not going to have a lot of room for mixing.
  4. Pour in the rest of the milk and give another gentle shake.
  5. Kick your feet up with a cup of steamy hot coffee and homemade creamer. Delicious!
Farmer's Wife Rambles

Homemade Coffee Creamer Flavor Variations

Chocolate Almond (My Favorite)

Combine one batch of base cream, 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of dutch process cocoa and 1/2 tablespoon of almond extract in a saucepan. Heat on medium heat and whisk until ingredients are combined. Pour into your storage container.

Chocolate Mint

Combine one batch of base cream, 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of dutch process cocoa and 1/4 tablespoon of mint extract in a saucepan. Heat on medium heat and whisk until ingredients are combined. Pour into your storage container.

Hazelnut Homemade Coffee Creamer

Combine one batch of base cream using above recipe. Add 1-2 teaspoons of hazelnut extract and give another gently shake.

**Please take note that extracts vary greatly in intensity level and I recommend starting the the amounts I have listed above.  Then adjust per your taste buds.

The possibilities are endless really for what you can make.  Restaurant supply stores or Amazon sell tons of different extract flavors.  With a little trial and error you will find that you love homemade creamer more than any store bought creamer and like I said SIMPLE.

What is your favorite coffee creamer flavoring?




  • Heather


  • Michelle

    I do have a few creamer bottles still in the freezer, but will definitely give this recipe a try. A chocolate/caramel flavor is begging to be discovered. Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

    • Brandy

      Chocolate caramel sounds delicious! So many combinations to make and so little coffee to drink. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maureen


    Just found you through “That’s What Che Said”. This is such a terrific idea! My husband and I are members of the LDS church and so no more coffee { ๐Ÿ™ } – I know – how do you function. IT IS NOT EASY SOME DAYS!!!! How ever one of the ladies at church introduced me to putting flavored creamers into your hot chocolate and I was instantly addicted. My favorite is Vanilla Carmel. I must try this and share it if it works. Possibly christmas presents?


    • Brandy

      Thank you for stopping by! I tried to give up coffee but had little success. I do limit myself though to hopefully only one cup a day. Vanilla Caramel is my favorite flavor as well. I need to figure out how to make a homemade creamer in powder form and it would be a perfect addition for my homemade hot chocolate powder ( I did use the hot chocolate powder along with etched cake pans for Christmas presents this year and it was a hit! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Farmer’s Wife Rambles.

  • katie goldsworthy

    That sounds really good! I’m going to have to try it! Thanks for linking it up at Monday Funday!

  • Rattlebridge Farm

    We drink a LOT of coffee, and that means we are constantly running to the grocery to buy creamer. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this recipe. It’s a keeper.

    • Brandy

      I love the recipe because the base is so simple to make and so easy to customize to your favorite flavors. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Kady

    This is such a good idea. I am pinning this now!

    • Brandy

      Thank you for stopping by and the pin Kady. It has saved my morning coffee a time or two. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yvonne @ StoneGable

    I love this post! Most creamers have all kinds of additives etc. This is pretty straightforward. Thanks for joining ON THE MENU MONDAY and sharing homemade creamer! NOw my coffee is going to be extra yummy!

  • Beth P

    I can’t wait to try this! I wish I had some sweetened condensed milk to make it right now since I’m out completely!

  • Heather Windeler

    Wow, I have made the home made coffee syrups, but it never occurred to me that I could make the creamer! Great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Brandy

      It is so easy and delicious Heather. I love that I can have it made with ingredients I have on hand in my house at all times.

  • Terin Garrett

    I am amazed!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mryjhnsn

    Holy cow that is easy! Thanks!

  • Alaina Bullock

    How awesome! I cannot wait to give these a try! Thanks for sharing! great way to save some money!

    • Brandy

      I would love to hear which flavors are your favorite when you give it a try. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

    I didn’t know it was so easy to make homemade coffee creamer. I’m excited to give it a try and play with the different flavors.

    • Brandy

      I couldn’t believe how easy it truly was to make Tesa. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Emily

    I make my own creamer, too. But only vanilla using whole organic vanilla beans. It’s delicious. I’m going to try some of your suggestions to change things up a bit! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Brandy

      I love french vanilla creamer and make it often but I love to mix up the flavors. I usually make one “base” and then make two flavors from the one base so that I have a couple options in the morning.

  • mel

    The chocolate almond is great!!! YUM!

  • Dawn

    Yum! These recipes sound great! I am especially intrigued by the Chocolate Almond. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Amber K.

    This is awesome! Coffee creamer gets expensive when you use it as often as we do – what a great alternative.

    • Brandy

      I know it gets so expensive. I couldn’t believe how simple it really was to make.

  • Angela

    It’s never even occurred to me to make my own coffee creamer. Love this idea!

    • Brandy

      I couldn’t believe how easy it was Angela. I used to buy 10 creamers when they went on sale and that took up so much space in my fridge. This is so easy and so much less space being wasted in the fridge.

  • Linette

    I’m going to try the chocolate almond this week! I love flavored coffee creamers, but I don’t like all the additives and preservatives they contain.

    • Brandy

      I love the ability to make the flavors I want Linette. It really makes my coffee my own.