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How to Introduce Your Best Friend to Jesus



Not all of us have best friends that know who Jesus is. Now think, do we want to spend eternity without our best friend in heaven? I know I don’t! However, sometimes it’s hard to have that tough conversation with your best friend. Here are some tips for introducing your best friend to Jesus.

Be Honest- When you’re introducing your best friend to Jesus, you don’t have anything to hide, just be honest. You tell your best friend everything and are honest, so this is no different.

Don’t Be Shy- You wouldn’t withhold any other information from your best friend, so don’t be shy about telling them about Jesus.

Do It Over Coffee- Invite your best friend over for coffee and share the good news with them. I’m sure if Jesus could do that, he would!

Share Your Testimony- Chances are that your best friend may not know how you came to know Jesus if they haven’t asked. Don’t be shy about sharing your testimony! It’s your story and how God is using you!

Read “Meet My Best Friend” by Sheila Walsh and Illustrated by Sarah Horne- Although this is a kid’s book, it’s still great for introducing people to who Jesus is and how the Bible can be their best friend! A set of twins get a new neighbor. The neighbor is sad because she just left all of her friends behind! At the end of this book, the twins have an important message for their neighbor, Abby!


One of my favorite parts of this book was the pictures! Reading it with my kids, it brought the book to life so much. This book would make an awesome stocking stuffer or even a Christmas Eve book. Getting the message across to kids about Jesus and that the Bible is our very best friend can be difficult, but “Meet My Best Friend” by Sheila Walsh makes it super easy! Purchase your own copy from Family Christian, just in time for the holiday season. Win a free copy of this book by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below!


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