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How to Make the Prettiest Christmas Bathroom

The Christmas season is always full of holiday cheer in the form of friends and families coming together, as well as beautiful Christmas lights, tress and decorations. This year, to help add even more holiday cheer and Christmas magic to your home, consider including your bathrooms into your decorating “to-do” lists. Not only will it get you into that Christmas spirit every morning, but it will also make an impact on all of your guests who visit during the holidays whether for Christmas parties or big family Christmas dinners. Keep reading to see some of the simple ways you can make yourself a pretty Christmas bathroom space.

Decorated Doors

One great place to start with any room when decorating is the door. Especially if your bathroom is quite small, such as a powder room, the door is a great opportunity to make a big, beautiful Christmas statement. One idea is to find a big wreath that complements your bathroom décor and hang it on the outside of the bathroom door. You can also make your own wreath out of various Christmas materials including Christmas bulbs. If you’re not crazy about the wreath idea, another great way to make a statement with your door is to make it look like a giant wrapped Christmas present. Simply choose a wrapping paper that you like and tape or staple it to the edges of your door, cutting a hole for the handle. Place a large bow in the middle of your door and there you have it! For a simpler version, find some Christmas ribbon and wrap it around your door the way you would a present,  finishing with a nice big bow in the middle on the front of the door.

Frosted Spaces

Another way to give your bathroom a Christmas feel is to give it more of a frosted look. On your bathroom windows, spray the edges of the window with canned snow/frost to give them that sparkling, frosted look. You can even do this on your bathroom mirror to give it the effect of a frosted window. Any clear or reflected surface in your bathroom, like shower doors/glass walls, can easily be made to look like they belong in a winter wonderland. To extend this frosted feeling, layer some fake snow around your bathroom on the night of your Christmas party or get together. Sprinkle some on the top of the toilet tank, along the corners f your counter top, and even on your windowsills and along to top of your shelves and/or medicine cabinets.

Christmas Candles

If you are looking for a simple way to add a Christmas feel to your bathroom, even if it’s only for the day of your holiday get together, a great idea is to add Christmas candles to your bathroom. Start by adding some Christmas coloured and Christmas scented candles to areas like your bathroom counter, behind the toilet, on windowsills or even on open wall shelves. Scents like cinnamon, gingerbread, and even vanilla are great ways to give the space a more Christmas like feel. For the night of your party or family dinner, fill your bathtub with cool or luke warm water just as you would if you were to take a bath. Place some scented and festive coloured floating candles in the bath and light them just before your guests arrive. This will create a beautiful Christmas ambience for your guests when they enter the bathroom.

All the Little Things

To really make a beautiful Christmas bathroom, switch out all of your usual decorations and accessories for Christmas themed ones. For starters, switch your hand towels for Christmas themed towels, or at least towels that are Christmas coloured. Pour your liquid hand soap into a red or green coloured soap dispenser, or if you have bar soap, switch the soap dish for a nice silver or Christmas themed dish that can even come from your very own kitchen. Set up small Christmas decorations on the back of the toilet and on your windowsills and countertop. Hang holly and Christmas garland around your mirror. All of these little details can really turn a typical bathroom into a beautiful Winter Wonderland – and with the large variety of styles available today for Christmas decorations, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your personal bathroom décor perfectly.

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