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How To Pick…Oranges

My family loves fruit and it really doesn’t matter what kind. My dilemma, I don’t truly know how to pick a lot of fruits. I abide by smell and hollow sound but that doesn’t cut it for all fruits.

Welcome to our new series How To Pick… Where we will be bringing you a fruit or a vegetable every week and giving you tips on how to pick the right ones.

I am starting with oranges because they are my nemesis when it comes to fruit. I know I should be looking for smell but I still manage to flop. So here are some things to look for to make sure you’re getting the best oranges.

~ Smell- this is a huge selling point on oranges. You should be able to smell the citrus through the skin. While it may not be a guarantee but I would move on.
~  You want to find a ripe orange that doesn’t have any green in the peel.  Just because it’s orange doesn’t mean it’s perfect though. You need to look for a yellow-orange color, warm looking.
~ You need to check the orange for soft spots.
~ Check for plumpness. A plump orange has a better chance of being juicy.

These are just a few of the basics that you should look for to pick a ripe orange. I will be implementing a couple of them next time I head to the store. I have always checked smell but I always went straight for the most orange one I could find.  I have luck with the clementines oranges but still would like perfection with the navel oranges.

What do you look for in a ripe orange?  Do you have success at picking one?