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How To Pick…Papaya

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Welcome to our weekly series on How To Pick… This week we are bringing you papaya.  Papaya is high in Vitamin C,  fiber and a good source of folate.  Papayas are cholesterol and fat-free and contain very little sodium. An average serving size is 1/2 a papaya and has an average of 70 calories.

~   Look for a yellow ring around the stem.  This is important because if it has a yellow ring it will more than likely ripen at room temperature.  If the ring is green however, it will probably never ripen.
~   You want to be on the lookout for soft or sunken spots but don’t be overly concerned if the fruit is misshapen.  The shape doesn’t have a lot to do with it.
~   A ripe papaya should have a light sweet ripe smell apparent when purchased.  If there is no smell it’s not ripe and if it’s overpowering than it may already be over ripe.
~   Papayas are usually picked when they are still firm for shipping purchases, however you want to look for one that is soft to the touch.
~   Look for a yellowish-orangey color of the skin

Wondering how to pick out other fruits and vegetables check our weekly series or suggest a fruit/vegetable. Ask your local produce manager what to look for when picking fruits and vegetables. Most of them are more than knowledgeable about what to look for AND most will give you a sample if you ask. The stores would rather you give you a sample and make sure you are happy with your purchase than lose a customer or have to replace produce that was less than perfect.

Notice an important thing to look for that I missed?