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How To Pick…Mango

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Welcome to our weekly series on How To Pick… This week we are bringing you the mango. Mangos grow on trees that are up to 130 feet tall with leaves 6-14 inches long! The fruit itself ranges in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, red or green.

Things to know when choosing a mango out of the bunch:

– Don’t always focus on the variations of color, but how ripe it is

– Squeezing the mango will be a good indicator how ripe it is. A perfect mango should push in slightly when gripped.

– Remember, they become softer as it ripens

– Ripe mangos will have a fruity smell around their stems

Speaking to your mango makes it happier and taste better

Wondering how to pick out other fruits and vegetables check our weekly series or suggest a fruit/vegetable. Ask your local produce manager what to look for when picking fruits and vegetables. Most of them are more than knowledgeable about what to look for AND most will give you a sample if you ask. The stores would rather you give you a sample and make sure you are happy with your purchase than lose a customer or have to replace produce that was less than perfect.