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How To Prevent Meltdowns After School

If your child is home-schooled, or attends a private or public school it can be exhausting for them to deal at the end of the day. Most elementary schools are in attendance for 6-8 hours a day and this is completely exhausting in every way shape of form. Obviously when your child gets home, you just want to spend time with them, but they might be overly tired and have their own agenda.  I’ve come up with some ways to help your child deal with these overly exhausting days.

How To Prevent Meltdowns After School

#1. Have a Snack Ready

Do you remember how tired and hungry you were after school as a young child? I always try to have a snack ready for my children who are coming in off the bus. If you pick up your child from school, then it’s also helpful to bring a lunch with you for your child. Having a snack always helps a child feel less emotional.

#2. Have a Routine in Place

Younger children and older children alike need to have a routine in place. When they get home from school, then should know exactly what they should be doing. If they need to be doing homework, then let them know what your expectations are. I’ve noticed that children seem to have meltdowns whenever they are not sure of what an adult expect of them. Avoid the meltdowns and let your child know what they should be doing.

#3. Have a Rest Period

One thing I’ve noticed that helps my children immensely is a rest period after school. Even if it’s only for ten minutes or so, it’s incredibly important for a child, who’s been gone all day, to have a proper rest period. If they sit in their room and read a book, they are still resting and preventing their mind from getting over stimulated.

#4. Minimize the After School Commitments

If your child is already tired after school, then it only makes sense to minimize the commitments you’ve given your child. Let them just be a kid afterschool. All of the extra activities can wait till they are older. If your child insists on doing an activity, let them know that they have to be choosy. Teaching a child early that learning to say no, so you can keep part of your sanity, is so very important!  

Your child might have meltdowns after school for a while, until they are used to their new schedule. Just remember that kids are oftentimes mini versions of us. They need to unwind and relax after a long day at school, just like you do!

How do you prevent meltdowns in your house after school?