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I forget how blessed I am sometimes

The joke is just for humor.  Really has nothing to do with the post.  Enjoy!

 Oh the day has come that we have placed both boys in daycare two days a week so that I can have time to myself and to get some things done in the house.  I know I am spoiled rotten that I am able to do this and very fortunate.  I have always known how fortunate I am that I have a husband who goes to work everyday without complaint (ok that’s pushing it) to make sure that I can stay home with the kids until they go to school.  This I realize is something many mom’s don’t even get the option of considering (I know those who would kill their kids if they spent all day with them). 

I can’t say all this actually hit me real hard until today how fortunate I truly am.  Last week in MOPS some of us girls with young boys were asked if we had any 3T clothes to spare as there was a family in our own MOPS group that could really use them.  I having a three year old was asked and knew that mine were already on loan was able to say no and sorry.  Them being on loan was a blessing because truly I couldn’t have given them up anyway…I know sounds horrible.  I am very sentimental and would have been heartbroken knowing Corbin wouldn’t have worn some of the same outfits that Coulter had.  This sounds even worse….I know.  

However, mom and I hit a really good sale at Osh Kosh and Carter’s and I was able to pick up a few things in my budget in 3T.  Mom didn’t like the coat that I had packed for Corbin when the boys went for a visit last week and happened to be out yardsaling and found a stock pile of clothes for a great price and I called her back and let her know what my budget was and that I would reimburse her for some more items.

Then today I am using my time wisely (that meant no blogging, can you tell) and cleaning out the boys closet.  I just couldn’t believe the amount of clothes that we have stockpiled just waiting to be used, all with tags still attached.  I say with tags attached because this doesn’t include the 14 totes of clothes I have in storage (remember my oldest is only 3) or the 3 totes of 3T’s that April’s guy is using (part of the clothes are actually hers but we play the share game well).    This really just helped drive home how lucky I truly am because here is a family that I know that can’t (for whatever reason) afford to purchase clothes for one of her children and here I am with clothes coming out my ears (thank you mom and mother in law).  It’s moments like these that I am grateful for the path my life has went down.  The path that lets me be happy that I don’t have to feel guilty for not wanting to share my clothes with a stranger because they are already being used (ok I know I am rationalizing now).  It doesn’t sound any better two paragraphs down either does it 🙂  All right I am not really sure of the whole point of this story or why I feel the urge to let you all know but I did and not sure how to finish it either so have a splendid afternoon!




  • Mckinley Carew

    “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu