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Meet Handmade Etsy Owner Just B You


Meet a family of  Etsy sellers.  Everybody in Kim’s family takes part in their business!  It’s unique that it’s not just one persons hobby and I think it’s great that they are able to have family time working on something that they all enjoy.  justByou has a variety of things that I really like.  I am enjoying that many of their items are calming and offer simplicity.  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and when I do I want something that looks great but doesn’t draw a ton of attention to myself and I could definitely see myself wearing and using many of the items offered in justByou’s shop.  All of their items are very well priced and makes it easy to get one for everybody on your list.   Happy browsing!

Where are you from and tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Kim, and I’m from Northern California. We’re a family of five, with three great kids. We work as a team for all we do with our Etsy shop, and we’re having so much fun with it.

Why did you start your Etsy store? 
I started the Etsy store with my family because we had been selling our Car Charms like crazy to the rest of our family and many friends. It was suggested by a customer that we try it out online. We found Etsy, and I was impressed by the Etsy community, so we opened up shop!

Where did the name for you store come from?
We wanted a name that would be all inclusive, because we don’t just sell one type of product. We like to do tons of different things when we create, and sometimes we come up with really interesting creations. We also wanted something a little original. Somehow, we came up with justByou. We thought it was cool, because we want all of our items to show a little personality.

What is your favorite item in your store and why?
I like all the items in our shop, because we make them all together as a family! But, I guess if I had to pick just one…Right now it would be the Sunshine SunCatcher (a current featured item in our shop), because as springtime gets more sunny days, the SunCatchers make pretty rainbows all over the place!!!

What style do you specialize in?
We specialize in creating fun items designed to show a bit of personality. Not just jewelry, but SunCatchers and Car Charms. We’re working this week on launching our eco-friendly section too.

What is your inspiration for your jewelry?
All inspiration comes from ideas we come up with together as a family. For example, our line of mood jewelry came about one day as I was cleaning out my dresser drawers and found an old necklace of mine in a small box. I showed it to my daughter, who thought it was pretty cool. And then we thought, “Hey, it would be fun to make some of mood jewelry for our shop!” So it began…
And our section of cell charms, key rings and zipper pulls came from my teenage daughter, who wanted something different to put on her backpack for school. So another section in our shop was born.

Do you have plans for expansion?
Like I mentioned, we’re working on our eco-friendly section (hopefully launching in time for Earth Day). We have LOTS of other ideas too. We just have to find the time to start working on all of them. Little by little we’ll be expanding, as we come up with new and fun ideas…

Anything else you would like us to know?
To keep updated, you can follow my blog.
I post updates, do weekly features of other Etsy shops, and giveaways. So much fun!




  • just B you

    Aaaww, it looks great, Brandy! Thanks for the opportunity. =)

  • just B you

    Aaaww, it looks great, Brandy! Thanks for the opportunity. =)