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My brush with fame…

Well, I have had a couple of opportunities to meet the rich and famous.  Probably only famous to the country music world.  

In the town that I grew up, we always have a kick off to summer celebration called Grand Old West Days, and it generally involved a peformance by an up and coming country music artist.  One particular year it was Andy Griggs.

The year that Andy Griggs came to town I was cocktailing at the local Holiday Inn bar and that was where Andy Griggs and the band were staying.  Everybody headed out for the concert, but they forget one major component of the band; Andy himself.  

I got the job of delivering him to the location.  Now I know it was only a five minute drive but it was my five minutes driving fame.  He even sat in the front seat so I didn’t feel like I was “Driving Miss Daisy”.  

What about all of you?  I am sure somebody has had a better experience than mine with somebody?