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My Weightloss Journey – Week Three!

Well it’s that time again.  Time for me to weigh-in, both on the scale and off, about my crazy life as a mom, student, business woman, and writer trying to lose weight with Studio V.  Okay, that sounds a little melodramatic, but the truth is I sometimes feel like I need about 100 hours to be added to each day to find time to meet all of my responsibilities.  This has been a tough week for me – early on in the week I was still struggling to overcome some health problems, and by mid-week I had three sick kids and zero time for myself.  It really makes me wonder how anybody can stick to a program and lose 100-200 pounds, because the ten I’m shooting for this month sometimes seem completely overwhelming.  However, I do think I’m learning an important lesson, which I’ll share with you now (as if I could keep something like that a secret!)  Here it goes: If I want to find time to eat healthy and workout, I need to make those things a top priority in my life.  Between the kids, my husband, my school work, my housework, my volunteer work, this blog, and the 100 other commitments I make on a daily basis, there is always going to be something on my to-do list left undone, so it is extra important that my health and my weight loss goals are always near the top of that list.  If I remind myself that cooking a healthy meal, sitting down to breakfast, and exercising 45  minutes a day are more important than doing the dishes or responding to the e-mails waiting in my inbox, then I’ll be sure to get that stuff done, before I’m bogged down with the rest of my life.  So there you go, and here is the brief journal I kept for the week!

Week 3 Day 1:
Today I’m still not feeling great.  I’m in a lot of pain, and even getting through regular daily chores is a bit of a stretch.  I did take some time to pre-prepare some amazing dishes from the recipes on Studio V (I am so excited to try the Honey Mustard Salmon and the Waldorf salad!)

Day 2: I was feeling a little better today so I went for a walk with the kids.  We live next door to an empty house with a bunch of stairs, so the kids and I entertained ourselves running up and down the stairs until mommy thought she might just pass out 🙂  Seriously, stairs are my new best friends or worst enemies, I can’t tell which yet.  As soon as I got home though, I noticed that my baby was running a little fever…. I plan on eating a quick dinner and going straight to bed, just in case it’s going to be one of those nights.

Day 3: Well the baby is officially sick, and her older sister has joined her on the sick-wagon.  Both girls are running high fevers and vomiting, so I’m keeping myself pretty busy just doing laundry, emptying barf-bowls, and consoling tired, cranky little girls.  I think I slept about 50 minutes total last night, so I plan to eat as healthy as possible and pray for some relief tonight.

Day 4:  The baby is feeling better, but poor little June-Bug is sick, sick, sick.  This sounds horrible, but although my heart breaks for her, sometimes I can get so much done when she isn’t feeling well.  I made her comfortable on the couch, I offered lots of clear liquids to drink, and I even found some time to work out to the Studio V Kickboxing video (which I’m getting slightly addicted to).  Only three days left until I have to weigh-in.

Day 5: Yeah!  Everybody seemed to be feeling a little better today, and the weather was gorgeous, so we slapped on some sunscreen and spent the day outside.  I spent about three hours raking in my backyard and I am already super sore.  Yard work is not for sissies!

Day 6: We had a little set-back last night.  June’s fever is back and now my son is sick too, so I’m going to keep this short and get back to them.  I’m too sore for any real exercise today anyway…..

Day 7 (Otherwise known as W-Day): Yes, I admit it, I’m a dork, but I’ve come to think of this day as W-Day, or the dreaded Weigh-in Day.  Not surprisingly, I’ve only lost a pound this week.  But everything I’ve heard and read about weight loss says that lack of sleep and high stress can make losing weight difficult if not impossible.  I’m going to be pleased with my total weight loss of 5 pounds since I started and hope and pray that my kids start feeling better so we can all have a better week next week.  Wish us luck!