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5 Activities To Keep The Kids Active Indoors

5 Activities To Keep The Kids Active Indoors

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After all the long stretches of cold we have had in Colorado it feels good to be having weather warm enough to send the boys outside.  Thank heavens I put the five tips below to good use over the last month.  However springtime weather in our local valley also means wind and with the wind comes the dust and dirt.  Some days it is like a modern day dust bowl out there!  The boys and I tend to get a little cranky if we don’t get some physical activity in throughout the day. But when it’s below zero or the wind is blowing 30 MPH  it’s tough to get outdoors. Here are a five ideas for you to get physical inside with little ones.

1. Pick up a package of balloons from your local dollar store and stash them for a day when you are stuck inside. Blow up a couple of them and play keep away or volleyball or of course my boys favorite pop them.  Crank up the music and see who can sit on the most balloons by the time the song ends.  This is a great activity to get everyone up and moving and a ton of laughs.

2. Twister is not only a great way to keep your muscles loose but in the case of my two it’s perfect for learning about body parts and colors. Because they really can’t stretch across the whole “board” we tend to ditch the spinner and focus on only two colors that are next to each other.

3. Painter’s tape is a great way to add activity indoors. It comes off the floor without leaving marks or peeling up paint. Use painter’s tape to plan out a hopscotch board or jumping targets on the floor. Very inexpensive and the possibilities are endless! Think of a basketball court, four square board or even line tag.

4. Have a dance off. The little ones don’t care about having rhythm thank heavens.  And they don’t really care how good you are.  Give me two more years and my kids will never want to see me dance again, that is how bad I am.   Turn up the music and see who can dance the longest without taking a break. Throw in a little Simon Says during the dances to make things a bit more complicated and humorous.

5. Drag out a dirty close hamper and a foam ball (wadded up newspaper works like a charm). Play an indoor version of HORSE, PIG or KNOCKOUT.

How do you keep your kids active on days when you are stuck inside?

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  • Mer

    Thanks for the ideas! I really like the painters tape, as there’s tons of stuff you could do with it. Making a maze would also be fun.

  • Tammy S

    What great ideas! I love the hamper & balloon ideas. They are just everyday items that you can turn into fun.

  • Betty Baez

    These are great we did balloons and dance offs, I really like the idea of using painters tape!