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The Night Season Book Review

The Night Season
The last time Portland flooded was over sixty ago, washing away an entire town. With Portland flooding again, several people have drowned in the rushing waters and pouring rains. Archie, still recovering from his torment at the hands of Gretchen Lowell, Beauty Killer, discovers the truth. The drown victims were poisoned before going into the water. Now as Portland attempts to save the town, a close friend on the brink of death, Archie begins the one thing he is good at, being a detective. Reporter Susan Ward follows Archie as he follows a mysterious trail of evidence in this thriller.
My Take

For me starting this book was a bit of a struggle, because I didn’t read book proceeding this one “Evil at Heart” (but will be checking it out now). “Night Season” was a bit slow at the beginning but after I got into it and was straight who all the characters were I couldn’t put it down. The plot in “Night Season” is classic of a murder mystery, with an interesting choice of weapon, one I wouldn’t have though about. From my research this is the fourth book of Cain’s that features Portland. This book has an emotional aspect with the characters, a internal struggle and the ending is a ….. well you will just have to read it yourself.