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No Worries: Tips for a Stress Free Family Vacation

When you are ready to get on the road with your family, you know that it takes a lot more preparation than when you are simply traveling alone. Young children need help with their packing, and the older children get, the more difficult it is to make sure that everyone is going to enjoy the destination. What can you do to make the trip trouble-free?

Rental Service

When you are staying in a hotel, there is a good chance that you will be able to rent or borrow things like a stroller and a crib. While it might feel a little silly to rent items that you already own, just think about it as a convenience fee. It is the fee that you pay for not trying to get those items through the airport and then to the hotel!

Give Your Kids a Packing List

Children love to feel a part of things, and if you have them pack for themselves, you are fostering a sense of independence and inclusiveness. Give them a list of things that they need to have packed, and the night before you leave, make sure that you check it over for them. This is also a good way to make sure that your kids feel like they are a part of what is going on.

Carry Food

Lots of people have horror stories about children who are badly behaved while they are on the road, but one thing that they may not be thinking about is the sheer speed of a child’s metabolism. Children go through food faster than adults do, and as they start to feel hungrier, they are going to get more fractious. The issue is that they may not know how to articulate this, and thus act out. Carry food and make sure that before you do any major activity that they have eaten recently.

Burn Off Some Energy Early

Airports are now asking people to get there two hours early, and with all of that waiting going on, it makes sense that children can be pushed to their limit. By the time they get on the flight, the children in question may have been quiet and inactive for several hours. Before you get onto the airplane, have your children play a few games or do a few exercises to calm them down a bit. A few jumping jacks can help them stay quiet on a long flight.

About The Author Of No Worries: Tips for a Stress Free Family Vacation

Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer and is currently promoting an orlando crib rental service. Lyndsi often blogs about family and parenting matters and in her free time enjoys traveling with her husband and two kids.




  • Tazim

    Love the tips – especially the one about food. It really does wonders to have snacks available for children (and adults)