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Online Prices Vs. In-Store Retail: What You Need to Know

Online Prices Vs. In-Store Retail What You Need to Know

The Internet has introduced many things to modern society, but nothing has had more of an impact than the ability to shop online. With just a few keystrokes, a person can enter into a shopper’s paradise, purchasing things that they need or want, at any time of day. The convenience of online shopping has made it very desirable. This convenience has also made it very easy to make larger purchases.

The question of the day, however, is purchasing online always the best deal? The answer is yes and no.

Online Prices Vs. Retail

The truth is, there are two lines of thinking for Internet based businesses. The first is that convenience equals higher prices. These marketers are betting that convenience outweighs saving a few dollars by going to the store. For instance, most major office supply stores charge higher prices online than they do in-store. It is their belief that a majority of their clients are office workers, therefore the convenience of not having to leave work justifies the higher prices.

The second line of thinking is that Internet sales are more cost-effective for the business, so prices can be lowered. A good example of this type of marketing would be a major book retailer. Most of their books are discounted 10-25 percent online, even new releases. These same books in the store are offered at full retail. Their line of thinking is that they must pay for sales help in the store so they cannot offer discounts.

Do Not Forget About Shipping Costs

You may find an incredible price online for an item that makes it hard to resist. However, once you add in the cost of shipping, especially if it is coming from across the country, your item may cost more than if you purchased it locally.

Always look at shipping prices before you commit to purchase. Many coupon codes are available for free or discounted shipping, so you may wish to perform a search for this information before you buy.

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  • Gena

    These are interesting tips! I always compare store prices to online prices and rarely pay for shipping. It’s better that way, but then I feel guilty for my UPS man. 🙂