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Coupons for Good: 4 Tips and Tricks for Finding Great Package Vacation Deals

Package vacations are a smart way to visit somewhere new without spending too much money. Finding the perfect vacation package takes some research and a different set of expectations than you’re used to when you travel. Packages offer fantastic opportunities to visit places you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Make Your Package Vacation Destination Flexible

 Make Your Destination Flexible

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Finding a vacation package for the exact place you want to visit during the perfect time of year is nearly impossible. Even if you’re flexible on the dates you’ll travel, waiting for a vacation package that takes you to a specific location within your price range is unlikely.

Instead, choose a type of destination (like somewhere warm, somewhere with a beach, or somewhere in Europe) and be flexible. A location with the features you want will pop up, especially if you use a major travel website like Expedia, and you may end up visiting somewhere amazing that you’ve never thought about before.

Go on Vacation During Low Season

Go on Vacation During Low Season

Sometimes vacation packages exist to sell rooms and flights during times fewer people are traveling to a specific location. Sites like exist to fill unused rooms, and sometimes craft vacation packages to make those rooms more enticing. Typically, the weather informs whether or not people want to visit a place during a certain time of year (Maine, for instance, is quite cold in winter.)

If you don’t mind compromising and taking a trip during a less popular time, you’ll find better package deals. This might mean vacationing mid-week, or visiting somewhere during off-season and dealing with a bit of annoying weather.

Wait Until the Last Minute

Often, vacation packages pop up at the last minute to encourage people to snatch up great deals before they expire. So, set aside the time you want to go on vacation, then scour vacation packages a week to a few days beforehand. Expedia deals often pop up with only a bit of notice before the trip. This is where being flexible on location helps, because if you’re set on going on vacation in just a few days, you’ll take what you can get from the locations available.

The alternative for people who love to plan is to book far in advance. Sometimes, you can find vacation packages for six months to a year ahead of time.

Use Big Airports

Use Big Airports

It’s easier to offer cheap flights out of a big airport on a plane that seats more people. The best deals on vacation packages usually have air travel coming out of major airport hubs. Trying to find one for a regional airport will add costs to your vacation package. If you’re willing to drive three or four hours to get to a major airport, you’re more likely to save on the flight portion of your vacation package.

The other great thing about vacation packages? You get lots of booking and planning done (sometimes including activities or meals!) in one simple stage. Booking vacation packages may just become your favorite way to plan an exciting trip.




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