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3 Tips For Making The Perfect Gift Basket

3 Tips For Making The Perfect Gift Basket

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I don’t know about you but I love giving gift baskets for gifts.  Gift baskets are a great way to pack a big punch into a small gift plus they allow for some variety.  When I have a gift basket in mind I don’t feel confined to finding the one perfect present, I let a multitude of things make the perfect present.  If you are making a gift basket for someone this year, check out these very simple tips that will help you make the perfect basket without spending a ridiculous amount of money, even if it looks like you did.

Stuff The Basket

When you make a perfect gift basket, make sure it is stuffed full to give it a more lush look. This can be achieved in two ways.

  1. Buy a basket that just barely holds all the items, but make sure the items won’t fall out.
  2. Add lots of tissue paper, ribbons, bows, and tulle to make it look done up. These items are inexpensive and can really dress up a gift basket.

Make It Themed

Themed baskets, whether in items of colors, make the items in the basket look better. Rather than having a bunch of mismatched items that can look weird grouped together, you should place like items together that look appealing to the eye. For example, a wooden picture frame would not look so great next to a metal-framed photo, but two wooden frames side by side look nice together. Keep your basket cohesive this way and add more appeal.

Make It Smell Nice

When giving a gift, the eyes, hands, and nose should all be pleased to make the perfect gift. We’ve covered how to make it look great. Choose a basket and materials that also feel nice in the hands, like a wicker basket rather than a rough wooden basket. Additionally, add in candles or cookies that will smell great as the recipient is looking at all of their items. If you aren’t adding those types of items in, spray the basket and tissue paper with a great room spray or perfume before you add the gift item in. Allow the spray to dry before placing items on top of it. Keep the scents light and refreshing, and if you can pair it nicely with your theme (like an apple scent for red items) you will create a better impact on the gift-getter.

Do you like to give gift baskets?  When you give a gift basket do you stick to a theme?  Go all out with the stuffing?  Prefer to stick with juts one gift wrapped gift?




  • I love giving and receiving gift baskets. I totally agree that making the basket look nice and full makes a big difference!