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4 Secret Techniques To A Perfect Play Date

 4 Secret Techniques To A Perfect Play Date


Play dates can often times result in one of more people feeling uncomfortable. The truth is that even though you are allowing your child to connect, you are also connecting with other adults. Try to make it friendly for everyone involved by following these tips.

#1. Encourage Invitations

When planning a play date it can be easy to invite people only you know. Make sure you encourage all of the other moms to invite someone new. The more people you invite the more chances you have of connecting with someone new. Plus, it’s always nice exposing our children to people of all walks of life.

#2. Make it a Potluck

Food always makes people happy and brings them together. Make your next group play date a little friendlier by making it a potluck. Each person can bring their favorite dish and share it with others. This is especially fun if you have friends of different ethnicities. Trying different foods from around the world is a great idea. Another idea is to have play date themes. Everyone wears Hawaiian shirts or cowboy boots. Whatever you choose, have fun with it.

#3. Timeliness is Important

There’s really not anything more annoying than waiting on someone who’s late. Try and encourage everyone to be on time that way it’s not awkward later. Also, if someone is late, don’t make such a big deal about it. You don’t want to sound like Mother Goose, but you do want everyone to have fun, so try and have a good balance. (If you’re the one hosting the play date, it’s even extra important to be on time)!

#4. Don’t Get Discouraged

I don’t know how many play dates I have attended and no one shows up. Even if one or two people show up, you’re doing great. Not everyone places an importance on having a play date with their child every week. Keep scheduling those play dates and having fun with your kids. Play dates are great for the children in so many ways, so it’s important to keep up with them.

Group play dates don’t have to be awkward. Try to be encouraging, understanding, and most of all have fun!

Do you participate in play dates with your little ones?  What would you consider the perfect play date?  How do you encourage the perfect play date to happen?




  • Icar

    Great tips! Honestly, I only do playdates with my close friends. It sometimes (or just my feeling) to have playdates with Moms who are just acquaintances but at the same time it leaves to think that it can be a good way to start new friendships.

    • Brandy

      I struggled moving outside of my “friends” at first but now it’s getting easier. Plus it has built new friendships. Not only for me but for other mom’s as we all get to know the “new” mom that was brought to a play date.

  • Kasandria Reasoner

    Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing

  • Sarah

    Great tips… there is some definite playdate etiquette that all moms should know. I’ve had some nightmare playdates, but also have met some of my best mom friends through them… great for kids AND parents.

  • Dede

    We only had play dates with my friends, so I never really reached out to other moms. Looking back, I wish I had tried to include some others! We could have made some new friends!

  • Great tips, especially the being late one. That’s a peeve of mine. If my kids are going over to someone elses house, i always have them clean up before we leave. This is a biggie with me, and I love when parents and their kids do the same. No one wants a huge mess left after a playdate!