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Planting Season Is Officially Here

Planting Season Is Officially Here ~ 2014

Planting season has officially started and boy does life change around here when it does.  Cory’s hours get significantly longer and I must adapt my schedule as well.  During the winter I become accustomed to being able to plan what I need and Cory is very good about keeping the boys.  However, plans change drastically for the months of April through October.  I have to be a bit more selective in my own plans or be willing to have two kids in tow.

This always brings about changes for more because I get used to going on my own and doing my own thing.  I mean its things like going through the grocery store with two kids in tow when your used to doing this chore by yourself.  When I am by myself it doesn’t seem like as much of a chore, with two kids talk about a workout.  It’s not that my kids are running around the store like crazed hooligans but let’s face it there are questions to be asked throughout the store.  What’s that mom, why do we need that, can we have this, but I want this…  When I finally think those are over it becomes time for mom are we done yet!  I’m bored.  Guess my quiet shopping days are over for the next few months!

Another thing that changes for me is the fact of trying to plan things around my husband.  During the winter we try to stay on top of each other’s schedules pretty well and know where each other is or what’s going on.  During the winter months I do my best to plan accordingly to when Cory will be around and available to enjoy family activities with us.  During the farming months this changes!  I make plans and if he is around he is welcome to come with us, if not well we will have a good time without you honey!

Barley Crop May 2013

Early Barley Crop May 2013

Dinnertime is moved back in our house because of the longer hours.  With dinnertime being moved back this leaves me looking for meals that are faster and easier to prepare.  With Cory’s longer hours this leaves more responsibility on my shoulders of getting Coulter’s homework completed before dinner, reading time over and bags packed by the door for the next day.  All while still making sure the boys get time to play outside because Coulter needs it after being cooped up for the day.  Most people pull their crock-pots out more during the winter but mine comes out in the summer.  Not only do I not want to heat up my kitchen much during the summer, dinners are just tougher to get on the table during this time of year.

Family time is often spent in a tractor or in the pickup checking sprinklers.  These jobs are pretty much daily on the farm along with doing 10 foot digs of potatoes later in the season.  This is a good time for us to spend some time together and also some valuable teaching moments for the entire family.  Teaching moments for the boys for obvious reasons and for me because I see how much this way of life means to my husband.  I want to know more about this way of life that I didn’t grow up in.  I want to know more so I can follow the “farming conversations” that happen year round over the hood of a pickup.  Also, because I can’t stand when my boys show me up with the knowledge of this 4-generation farm.  Almost nothing worse than arguing with a 4 year old about the names of equipment and you find out your wrong.  Talk about eating crow, as my husband would say.

Barley Crop May 2013

Early Barley Crop May 2013

Here is to another year on our 4-generation farm.  Here is to another year of praying for rain at the right times of year, hoping it will hold off during others.  Another year of watching the hail and being thankful when it passes over our farm and driving the fields when it doesn’t miss our farm.  Here is to another year of our boys learning to love the life that the past 4-generations has lived and breathed by.




  • nicole dz

    This must be so awesome, I find your story amazing. I would love to do these things on a daily basis. It would be awesome to exchange lifestyles for a few weeks or more. And congrats to 4 generations! Beautiful pictures too!

  • What a beautiful lifestyle. I can’t relate to much of it here so far from a farm. But, I enjoy the life still exists. Sending love from our family to yours!

    • Brandy

      Living in the rural area I do is most certainly a great life and one I wouldn’t trade for anything most days…sometimes a department store within driving distance would be nice though!