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Plonk Wines A Discount Wine Club – Review

Sometimes in life we just need a drink at the end of the day, or at least I do.  While I generally prefer a fireman sometimes it’s nice to have something to mix it up a little.  Wine in my opinion is a good way to mix it up as every wine has a different flavor.  While you may be drinking wine everyday it’s easy to mix it up.

Plonk is the new wine that is being added to my variety list.  I enjoyed the bottle of Plonk that was recently sent to me from TV’s Top Ten.  I am enjoying the subtle flavor and can see it being added to a variety of uses in my house.  I have a few recipes that involve a cup of wine at a time and since I don’t really know a lot about wine I generally grab what is cheapest at the time.  Now that I know about Plonk and actually know what the flavor is on it’s own, it’s a flavor that I would love to have as a subtle background flavor in these recipes.  Chicken Parmesan and A Man’s Meaty Sauce could really use the subtle flavor that Plonk Wine gives off.

What else do I plan on using Plonk Wine for?  Well I am not into the actual flavor of wine but I do love making my own wine cooler and this needs to be done with a wine flavor that you love.  Think Mimosa but with wine instead and cranberry juice, tropical punch or even strawberry juice.  If you see a wine cooler flavor on the shelves at the store you can make your own at home.  Plonk Wine’s subtle flavor was a perfect match for my cranberry raspberry juice. 

If you enjoy wine I would look into buying Plonk Wine and giving it a try.  Plonk Wine offers a variety of wines as part of their discount wine club.  Plonk wines offers a variety of selections available to be shipped directly to your door.  You customize your shipment to meet your needs.  For instance, prefer white wines and can’t stand that half your shipment always contains two bottles of red.  That’s not a problem with Plonk Wines and you can make sure that all four bottles are white.  Or you can order two of each to add variety to your day.  It’s your membership and your options.  Plonk Wine’s site also lets you see the indivual wines and gives you a pairing list for those of us who don’t know which wine should go with roasted lamb and rosemary potatoes, Plonk Wine can help. 

Buy It
You can purchase a membership to Plonk Wine and try a variety of wines from different countries including Argentina, Italy, Greece, Germany, US and a few more. 

**Thank you to Plonk Wine for sponsoring this review/giveaway. We will not receive any compensation from this giveaway in exchange for an honest review and the opinion above is 100% ours. We are also not responsible for the mailing of this prize.**