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Prescription Eyeglasses Online For Less and Guaranteed

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Prescription Eyeglasses Online


In our family of 4, THREE of us wear prescription eyeglasses!  My oldest child, Rachel, has been in eyeglasses since she turned 2.  So, needless to say, with 3 pair of eyeglasses to buy each year (as prescriptions change), I go looking around for the best prices.

The problem with looking for just the best price is that you sometimes get what you pay for.  The good thing about is that they have Free In Home Trial, Shipping is free BOTH WAYS and you have a free 30 Day return period.   That is UNHEARD of with Online Eyeglasses companies.

Here is how their Free In Home Trial works.  You go to their site, pick out your 5 favorite frames, they will ship you those 5 trial frames at no cost.  You try them on, and wear them for 7 days.  Pack them back in the prepaid shipping box, and send them back.   Pretty simple, right?

Once you have picked out your frames and ordered your glasses, your purchase is still guaranteed to be what you wanted, or you can return within 30 days.  No risk = happy customer.

Check out the Women’s selection and let me know what you think in the comments.  I found quite a few frames that I may consider when I redo my glasses in 2013.




  • Emily

    I once purchased from and was really happy with them. I recently broke my good pair of glasses and have been wearing an old pair with a weak prescription, might have to order from again.

  • I love that they let you try them out – that’s been my big worry with online glasses… what if they don’t look right… this solves that problem!

  • Amber Killmon

    My puppy has chewed the heck out of my glasses, maybe I should check these out for a replacement pair?!

  • Jeannette

    I’ll have to share this with my mom – she wears prescriptions glasses and is always looking for a better (less expensive) way to buy them!