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Re-purposed Orange Peel Bird Feeder Craft

The next time you are enjoying a delicious orange, don’t pitch that peel. Who would have thought that a simple orange peel would actually make the perfect bird feeder? There is no need to spend big bucks on a plastic store-bought feeder, especially if you have squirrels in your yard who will wreak havoc on it anyways.

Instead, opt for this re-purposed orange peel easy to make bird feeder that the birds will love and the squirrels will even enjoy when the birds are done. Not sure how to create one? No worries. Take a look below at how easy it orange peel bird feeder

The Cast Needed For Re-purposed Orange Peel Bird Feeder

1 Orange
Yarn, ribbon or scrap fabric

Don’t worry about buying the yarn, ribbon, or fabric new. Just find some odds and ends you have around your house that you can spare. These actually serve dual purpose because after the food is gone, the birds will enjoy picking from the fabric or ribbon scraps for nest making.

Directions For Re-purposed Orange Peel Bird Feeder

1. Cut your orange in half and pull out the fruit inside. You can surely use this fruit now for your morning breakfast or snack. What you have left will resemble a small nesting bowl.

2. Using your scissors or even a sharp pencil, poke a hole through opposite ends of the orange. What you are wanting to create is a hanger on each side for your fabric or ribbon.

3. String your fabric or ribbon through the orange so that it runs through the inside of the peel. You don’t just want to secure the hanging materials on the ends because the orange will get heavy and can tear. Instead, make sure your ribbon or fabric is a thread that it runs through the orange.

4. Fill your orange with birdseed.

5. Now, just tie the orange peel bird feeder to any branch or bush. Birds will find it in no time and be happy to dig right in and enjoy it!

Not only does this orange peel homemade bird feeder look downright cute and whimsical in your yard, but it is very practical too. It is a great way to reuse a peel that would otherwise be destined for the trash. So next time, save that peel and whip up this practical and purposeful orange peel DIY bird feeder instead. Your feather friends will just be delighted to enjoy it!

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  • manda

    The squirrels just took out my son’s old bird feeder craft so we are going to really have to try this one! I had never thought to use an orange peel before! Thank you for sharing, I know all the millions of birds I feed outside will probably thank you too.

  • Mindy Grant

    I love this idea! We have lots of birds in our backyard, and one tree that’s full of beautiful bluejays. Our two cats love to watch them through the window.

  • Laura

    Love it! Would be great craft for Scouts as well.

    • Brandy

      What a brilliant idea. I know a few scout leaders in the area and will let them know. Thank you for the idea 🙂

      • Laura

        No problem! We did a project over the Summer for the Library and their bird area. Rice cakes into feeders was cute. And we also talk about recycling and repurposing.

  • Ellen Christian

    This is a great idea. We love feeding birds and orioles love oranges.

    • Brandy

      I love watching the birds with my morning cup of coffee. This craft really brings them in.