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Red Wine Peel From Aloette Smells So Good I Could Eat It

Red Wine Peel From Aloette Smells So Good I Could Eat It

Aloette Red Wine Peel

Red Wine Peel From Aloette Thoughts

Since having kids I’d like to admit that it feels as though I have a few holes in my face. When I found out I’d get a chance to review this Aloette Red Wine peel. I’ll admit that I don’t look as young as I once did, so what harm is there in trying a product like this?

My first response to the Red Wine Peel is that is smells soooooo good! The feel of it on my skin was also soft. Two bonuses right there! I’ve often heard that Aloette products smell like something you could eat, guess they were right.

I used the Red Wine Peel a few times and I did notice that my skin felt a lot smoother. I hate that feeling of a really dry face, so I was excited to see that this product actually gave my skin some moisturizing love. It’s weird though because it’ll also clean out your pores so there’s no dirt in there. Sounds like a win-win to me!

I really felt a difference after the first use, but every use after really made my skin feel more moisturized and healthier all together. Since I’m on the frugal side I was glad to know that a little bit of product would go a long way. I don’t have to use a lot to get the clean face feeling. I also don’t feel bad recommending it to those I care for because I know they will get the same benefits as I did.

Quick Facts About The Red Wine Peel from Aloette

A Farm to Jar™ exclusive from Bordeaux that is Rich in age-defying red wine extract. Now you can pamper yourself with a facial peel with red wine while you have one to drink as well. I see a happy ladies night activity in my future.

So if you’re like me and tired of feeling like a holey, wrinkly, dry mess, then maybe Red Wine Peel is for you! After using this you might actually shake hands with the bottle itself. Yes, I’m that serious about this antioxidant rich stuff! O hey gals, if you really want to get down to business with making your skin look better, why not learn how to do your own facials?