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Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton Review

About Revenge Served Cold

Elliot Spence, a law professor is very much in love with his college sweetheart, Kathy. Kathy is also deeply in love with Elliot who is her husband. She very much wants a family but has had problems conceiving. This leads her into a deep depression and constant alcohol binges. Just when it looks like she is going to get her life back together, Elliot is killed in a hit and run. Kathy becomes the prime suspect! Kathy turns to amateur sleuth and law student Anne Marshall. The evidence is piled up against Kathy but something doesn’t set right with Anne. Anne is positive that Kathy is being framed by her ex-boyfriend Ross, who she left for Elliot. Anne has a advantage above all the rest investigating the case though that gives her a dramatic heads up in solving Elliot’s murder. Who is it? The ghost of her father!

My Take On Revenge Served Cold

This was a good book. Was it a book that kept me in suspense and guessing to the end? No. I did enjoy the read and would recommend it to friends, but if you are looking for a book that will keep you guessing…this is not it. You know early on who the killer is and why. The plot becomes more of how amateur sleuth Anne is going to show the cops the true murder. I did find it interesting the concept of the ghost of her father. It made it like Anne was in two places at once because her father could eavesdrop on others in the story.
I did like how the author built up her characters and gave you lots of background on her characters. There were a few minor inconsistencies; such as Anne telling her boyfriend not to go to the bar with her because people won’t talk to her with a man but then asks two of her guy friends to go with her. However, these won’t keep you from reading the book and don’t interfere with the plot. I would give this book a B-, while a good and easy read not the thrill I was thinking it would be from the title.

The third book in the series is out and you can read my review or purchase on Amazon.

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