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Save up to $500 on Your Next Vacation

If the pressure of the workday grind is getting you down, it is obviously time for a vacation. A vacation is the best way to recharge and get back in your productive zone. Whether your idea of a stress-free week is a paradise getaway relaxing on the beach or a mountain ski retreat, taking time for yourself is essential to maintain both your mental and physical health.

Save up to $500 on your next vacation

Of course, as with any vacation, expenses begin to add up. For many, money is the reason for delaying a much-needed break. This is totally normal. However, putting off vacation is less than ideal. Too long without time for yourself can lead to increased stress levels and decreased productivity.

So how do you prevent yourself from falling into this downward spiral of too much work and too little “me-time”? By looking for ways to save on costs! These might include vacationing in an inexpensive area, searching for flight deals, timing your travel for your destination’s off season, and dining in rather than eating out.

Another great way to save money on your next vacation is by booking your accommodations direct, rather than using popular vacation rental listing sites. The article How to Avoid VRBO + HomeAway’s Booking Fee states that “recently the two most popular vacation rental listing sites, VRBO & HomeAway, introduced a “service fee” that raises the total a traveler pays to an additional 4% to 10%, capping at $499.”

What does this mean to you as a traveler? It means that when you book a condo using one of these rental sites, you can be paying up to $500 more than booking directly through the condo or vacation property’s actual site. You read that right…up to $500! That is a hefty fee just for the convenience of using a rental site, and not so great for the traveler who wants to save money.

If you are looking for ideas to save on vacation costs – and let’s be honest, we all are – this is a big one. Instead of using sites like HomeAway, VRBO, or AirBNB, search for and rent accommodations through the property manager’s site. This will eliminate substantial fees and also provide a more personalized renting experience. Another benefit of direct booking is that you can often receive assistance from staff who are knowledgeable about the destination and can, therefore, provide helpful recommendations that will improve your overall vacation experience. Some properties even provide special rewards and discounts for those that book directly through their website.

Yes, massive conglomerate rental sites do have a large selection of properties and might seem convenient when planning a vacation, but it is important to remember that convenience comes with a cost. It is up to you whether you think the cost is worth it.

If you are hesitant to go on vacation because of the expense, this money-saving idea can help ease the stress of planning. Booking direct is a great way to reduce travel costs, which in turn allow you to use that money on other things – whether you spend it on food and fun or save it for your next excursion.

Now, start making plans for your next vacation. You deserve it!