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4 Simple Activities for The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

One of our favorite books to read in the winter is The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. Of course, I like to wait until it’s snowing outside to read the book.

The first activity we do is going out to play in the snow. Sicily made an Olaf snowman complete with a carrot nose.

We had went out later that day, and when we got back home the carrot  nose was gone.

She swore Sven came to visit and stole Olaf’s nose.

Throughout the week after reading The Snowman, we did quite a few simple snowman activities.

A Snowman Invitation to Create

I love setting up little provocations that get their creativity flowing after a nap. 

For this activity, I cut out different colored hats and scarves. I also cut out the stick, coal, and carrot shapes from construction paper. And of course, I had different sized circles for the snowman body.

I laid out the shapes along with a piece of paper and glue.

Pro Tip: Pour liquid glue in a jar and use a paintbrush to add it to the pieces.

I left it to sit there for them to discover after a nap. They created their own cute little snowmen, even though they didn’t really look like snowmen. It’s the creativity that counts.

Fake Snow

When real snow isn’t an option, pull out the fake snow. It’s super simple to make and molds together nicely. Plus no cold hands.

Mix together 3 cups baking soda with a half cup of white hair conditioner. 

And that’s it.

Such a simple set up kept my kiddos attention for over an hour.

Painting A Snowman

Sicily loved glueing the snowman invitation, so a few days later I set up the same activity except this time I used paint.

For this activity, I laid out black paper, white paint, glue, and cut out orange triangles.

She made 4 painted snowmen that afternoon.

Counting Snowmen

I like to add a little academic learning into our interests, so we counted snowmen.

I found some snowmen erasers at the Dollar Store, but if you can’t find them you can use cotton balls.

We started by tracing all of our sandpaper numbers. Then I asked Sicily to put them in order. To finish, she counted out the correct number of snowmen under each number.

Doing homeschool preschool doesn’t have to take a ton of time or extravagant activities to see learning. Keep it fun and simple.

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