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Sleeping Through the Night – how many kids actually do that?!

I’m sitting down to write to you all in a little bit of a daze.  You see, my youngest little girl Jilly has appearantly decided that sleep is for the weak so she prefers to stay up for most of the night.  You know that you’ve officially become a parent when you sleep three hours in a row and it seems like a LOT!  Before I became a mommy, I used to think that babies were supposed to sleep through the night by the time they were like 6 weeks old, but that hasn’t turned out to be the case for us 🙂  None of my kids have slept through the night consistently until after their first birthday, and it’s kind of made me wonder – when do other babies start sleeping more than an hour or two at a time?  I’m still breastfeeding, and when I think back it seems like my older two children really got the hang of this sleeping thing after I weaned them to the cup – but I don’t know if that’s normal or not.  So this week for my free write I figured I’d poll you guys to see when and if your kids started sleeping through the night (and to see if you have any tips for me!) 




  • Tylerpants

    My 2 yrs old son sleeps through the night. Sometimes he wakes up crying and then will go back to bed. He only started sleeping through the night maybe 1/2 yr ago.

    My daughter is 4 months old & still nursing..she wakes up every 3 hrs or so.

    It'll probably be a year or so before I can get a decent nights rest. Hang in there!

  • Brandy, April, and Amanda

    Well it's good to know that my kids aren't the only ones that don't sleep through the night!

    Lin3arossa – that is crazy that your daughter had an allergy that was keeping her awake. I'm glad you guys figured it out!

    Twingle Mommy – what is Babywise? I've never heard of it????

  • Twingle Mommy

    My oldest started sleeping thorugh the night 11-5am at six weeks. My twins took a little longer about 10 weeks. And I'm sorry to tell you that they have slept 12 hours straight since 3 months old. I did Babywise and it totally worked!

  • lin3arossa

    Breastfeeding doesn't help or at least in my case it didn't. I worked full-time so the only time she could drink was in the morning (planned on my part but short), in the evening (planned) or at night (not planned at all, but she would come crawling in our bed at 3 am on a regular basis!). I breastfed 2 years and it did get better after that but she only started sleeping through after she was diagnosed with acarian allergy and all the beds in our home equipped with appropriate bedsheets.