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42 St Patrick’s Day Recipes

42 St Patrick’s Day Recipes

Think you know all about St. Patrick’s Day?  Test your St. Patrick’s Day knowledge.

About St. Patrick’s Day

People all over the world celebrate on the 17th day of March in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Some cities have parades, most revelers wear green, and a few families commemorate the day with traditional Irish fare for their meal. However, not everyone may know who St. Patrick is.

Born in Britain during the 4th century, St. Patrick was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish raiders when he was a teenager. Although he was able to escape after six years and become a priest in Britain, he later chose to return to Ireland as a missionary, in order to help spread the teachings of Christianity to pagans. According to Irish folklore, he also used a shamrock to explain the Christian concept of Trinity to the Irish. In spite of continuous opposition from pagan leaders, he continued to evangelize for thirty years while baptizing newly converted Christians and establishing monasteries, churches, and schools. He died on March 17th and was canonized by the local church.

St. Patrick’s Day was first publicly celebrated in Boston in 1737 where a large population of Irish immigrants resided. Nearly 200 years later, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in the Irish Free State was held in Dublin in 1931. During the mid 90’s, the Irish government also began a campaign to promote tourism in Ireland on March 17th.

While many Catholics still quietly celebrate this day of religious observance by going to mass, St. Patrick’s Day slowly evolved to become a celebration of Irish heritage. Through the years, along with legendary shamrocks, many symbols were included in festivities that are reflective of Ireland’s folklore, culture, and national identity (think leprechauns, ethnic cuisine, and wearing green). Other places that join in on this celebration include Japan, New Zealand, Argentina, and Canada, along with many cities across the United States. ~


Corn Beef and Cabbage bites

Irish Cream French Toast

New England Boiled Dinner

Guinness Stew Pot Pie

Green Beer Bread

Irish Soda Bread

How to cook Corn Beef in a Pressure Cooker


Luck Of The Irish Crunch

Irish Creme Brûlée

St Patrick Day Cookies

St Patrick Day Cake Pops

St Patrick Day Snack Mix

Mint Grasshopper Candy Bark

Pot o’ Gold Oreos

Rainbow Sugar Cookie Bark

Rainbow Jello Cubes

Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake

Leprechaun Cookie Bark

Irish Bread Pudding

No Bake Irish Cream Balls

Baileys Irish Cream Puppy Chow

Baileys Irish Cream Bundt Cake

St Patrick Day Peak a boo cake

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Lucky Leprechaun Bark

Dark Chocolate Shamrock Candies

Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Muffins

Luck of the Irish Crunch

Cake Balls for St Patricks Day

St Patrick days Candy Bark

Chocolate cake with Mint Buttercream

Grasshopper Pie

Mint Chocolate Chip cookies


St Patrick Day Punch

Margarita Punch

Homemade Irish Cream

Leprechaun Shake

Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss Drink

Copy Cat Shamrock Shake

Shamrock Shake

Limeade Frosty

St Patricks Day Punch

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day?  Do you like to head out on the town with your green beer?  Try a new St. Patrick’s Day recipe?  Or is it a forgotten holiday in your household?




  • Nancy Lustri

    The copy cat Shamrock Shake looks AMAZING! I will have to try this one most definitely! 🙂

  • Amy Orvin

    These recipes all look so amazing. I especially like the Irish Cream French Toast. I’d love to try that one.

  • Donna Quarles

    Love these recipes ecspecially the green drinks. thanks!

  • Celina K

    What a great list, you even have boiled dinner on there! My mother – in – law makes that one, so yummy!

  • Julie Wood

    THere are a lot of great recipes here! I always love making Corned Beef and Cabbage and Irish Soda Bread. I want to make the No Bake Irish Cream Balls! Thanks for sharing!

  • Natasha Rodriguez

    WOW! Great recipe round up! Can’t wait to use some for St. Patrick’s Day!

  • Mer

    Wow! We usually do an Irish stew, but I might have to punch up the menu this year. I really want to try the mint chocolate chip cupcakes.

  • alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie)

    i want to try the irish soda bread!

  • Stephanie D

    These are great! I love the mix of classics and new ideas. My husband is not a boiled dinner type of guy, so it’s nice to have some other options as well. Thanks for the post!

  • Amanda

    My daughter’s favorite color is green right now so she would be excited to see the green foods!