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Starting Some New Journeys

Hi guys, this is Amanda here and I’m taking a quick break from our regular blogging schedule (and our Baskets and Bunnies fun), to tell you all about some exciting (and somewhat scary) journeys that I’m going to be sharing with you soon.  I am in the process of reviewing two separate companies, for two completely separate services, but both of these reviews have already taken me down a road that I never anticipated.  I’m usually a pretty private person, but now that I’m blogging I guess I need to get over it and tell you what I’m up to 🙂

Okay, enough with the mysterious introduction, let me just take a minute to tell you about my plans for the next couple of months.  First of all, I am in the process of reviewing a company called Studio V (pronounced “Studio Vee” not “Studio 5”).  This is an online health/weight loss company which has graciously offered us a one month membership to review them before we offer you guys a giveaway contest for 3 free months on the program.  My third child is now nine months old, which means that the time has come to buckle down and lose this baby weight – which makes Studio V the perfect company for me to review.  Every week I’ll walk you through my experiences with Studio V and let you know how much weight I’ve lost.   Now, I have to let you know the idea of letting you all join me on this personal journey is just a little bit terrifying.  I have always been self-conscious about my weight, and since I became a momma I’ve avoided cameras and scales like they’re the plague.  But I’m thinking that I’m probably not the only mom out there who’s looking to lose some pounds before swim suit season right?  Maybe you all will take the journey with me, or at least leave lots of comments so I don’t feel so alone and terrified…..

And now to the next, huge event that has come about because of my work with Giveaway Blogdom. I am going to be working with a company called Learning Aid which features online and DVD programs to help learning impaired children and kids who are having trouble with school.  My son is 5 years old, and he will be starting school next Fall.  We had him in Preschool for a while, but I live in an extremely rural community and I was having to drive him 90 minutes one way to the school and then back, twice a day, five days a week.  It was just too much driving and too hard on my other children, so we pulled him out of school in December.  Unfortunately, our public school choices aren’t much better.  There is a bus that will take him to a public school about 30 minutes away, but the bus picks him up at 6:00am and won’t bring him home until after 5:00pm, which I think is WAY too long for a five year old to be gone every day.  I could drive him myself, but then I have the same problem of sticking my girl’s in the car seat all day long.  The other choice is to home-school, but I recently had Johnathon evaluated and the developmental specialist advised against this option.  You see Johnathon was a high-energy type of child.  He is scoring very high on his academic tests, but slightly delayed on social skills and ability to focus.  I am still trying to figure out the best option to take for his school, but, in the meantime, we are going to use the Learning Aid online brain training courses to help him learn how to focus and to prepare him for school.  Every month I’ll let you know about his progress using Learning Aid, and a few months into the program we will also be offering a Giveaway Blogdom follower a chance to win a full course through the company (valued at $600!)  Again, this process is kind of intimidating to me.  I would love to hear back from you all about your experiences with school, with learning disabilities, or developmental delays.  I am looking forward to learning with you all!




  • Amanda - giveaway blogdom

    Tracy – thanks for the encouragement! You ought. To check out learning links anyway since I thin they have a free support forum for moms of special needs kids. I'm not usre what to do about school yet, but you sure are right about trying to follow our hearts!

  • Tracy

    Sounds exciting! Just my two cents on homeschooling – not that you asked LOL, I am a homeschooler of a child with newly diagnosed Aspergers (she is ten) and her sister who is 6 has ADHD – very hyper LOL. Let me say, I have yet to meet a "specialist" and we are working with alot these days, who will "reccomend" homeschooling and I am finding a few who are right in my face about it. I always say to anyone – go with your mommy gut – school, home school, private school – but do what works for YOUR kid – he is not their kid, he is yours. Hugs, to you, I will be entering the contest for this program if Canadians can do that when it comes out – I promise you that – sounds great! Take care and know that what you do, it is right for you 🙂