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Tabtor Online Math Tutoring Offers One On One Sessions

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Online Tutor Tabtor

School is in full session now and we are learning some things about Coulter that could use a little work.  For instance coloring inside the lines is just not one of his strong points and by watching Corbin it’s not going to be his either.  However, we have been working on this with both boys by having coloring time in the evening.  It’s great watching Cory spend time coloring with the boys and even better listening to him explain how to color.  Never thought I would see this day.

While coloring inside the lines needs some improvement we also spend a lot of time going over letters with their sounds and our numbers.  As a licensed teacher I know how important these aspects are and how much they are really needed in life.  To help grasp the concept of addition early Coulter has been playing a learning game on my iPad called Tabtor.  He thinks it’s a game but mommy knows the truth about this wonderful program.

Tabtor is a tutoring service that offers amazing customer service, can be completed at the student’s own pace, allows parents to see the child’s progress and has one on one interaction with their instructor.  I also like the fact that the instructor can leave comments on each worksheet completed that is then relayed to the child.  We are just getting ready to set up our one on one phone calls with our personal tutor.

Features Of Tabtor Math

~ Personalization – Tabtor offers an extremely-personalized learning experience that is often not available in standard K-6 education. The Tabtor solution allows for customized worksheets for each individual student’s needs, as well as a dedicated Tabtor instructor to maximize student engagement. This includes specific instruction for those who struggle with math and problem solving skills – providing personalized attention in these areas.

~ Convenience – Via an iPad, Tabtor worksheets can be completed in the convenience of the students own home, during downtime at school, in the car, or even at a sporting event among many others. The Tabtor solution also eliminates the hassle of carrying around heavy practice workbooks, which are also environmentally wasteful.

~ Proof of Learning Analytics – Tabtor allows instantaneous grading feedback and guarantees 24-hour feedback to issues or questions. Providing comprehensive analytics, Tabtor can track every student activity – keystroke, penstroke, eraser, etc., to help teachers and parents understand student performance and potential intervention points. The analytics are so in-depth that they can tell instructors how long it takes a student to complete a problem and can identify key areas of struggle for the students Tabtor currently has 500 active students enrolled and students have shown a 20 percent improvement in just two months.

What Coulter Likes About Tabtor

Coulter likes that he is playing a counting game as right now all of his worksheets are about learning his numbers.  Worksheets are automatically added by your tutor as the child completes one.  The tutor leaves comments on all of Coutler’s work and when we discuss what she said it makes Coulter pretty happy.  He is definitely going to respond well to rewards in the classroom.

While Coulter is working there is also a place for him to show his work if needed as the worksheets progress.  This allows the tutor to see your work and point out areas that may be the problem or can make coming to the answer simplifier.  I like that the tutor can see how your coming to your answer rather than just inputing your answer in a box and they are not able to see what went wrong or your doing right.

Tabtor has been simple for Coulter to learn how to use but the one thing I do wish that they had especially for the younger ones is that it would read the question to the child, maybe even underline the words as it’s reading them so that they focus on reading as well.  I wish it had this ability to read the question to the child because I like to have him work on his worksheets while I am cooking dinner, doing my own work or working with his brother.  He has learned what Tabtor wants from him for now but once it starts to change the directions I will have to be there to read each question to him so it makes it hard for the younger ones to do this independently.

At this point I am pleased with Tabtor and the service that we received from our 2 week free trial.  I like that parents can go back and see exactly what the child has done.  I also like the feature of  Tabtor that I can have more than once child on the same account.  Everyone knows that these services can add up when you have to supply it for more than one child.

Online Tutor Tabtor

Cory and I are talking about opening up some room in our budget to continue our experience with Tabtor as we can see how it helps Coulter.  The recommended rate of working with Tabtor is 10 worksheets a week which was tough for us to accomplish with Coulter being in school most of the day but we do manage to get a few in a week.  At Coulter’s level the worksheets are taking about 8 minutes a piece and that is with him messing around and counting the objects with his brother as well, not to bad because every little bit helps.

If your looking to supply a little extra math help to your children who are K-12th grade I would check out Tabtor.  The one on one tutoring works around your schedule and I love that there is actually a person attached on the other end.  With the convenience of tutoring sessions taking place online except for a once a week phone call your child can do his tutoring anywhere.

Head through my Tabtor personal link and you can save $10 a month which means this service would have a monthly start cost of $40 a month.  Start your Tabtor 2 week free trial to make sure that Tabtor is good fit for your family!




  • Cindy

    Did you join tabtor? If so what is your experience months later. I have my kids do kumon for the past two years and I am trying to figure out if this would be a better option ($160 savings per month). Then what will be the down side at the end of sixth grade and we have to go back to kumon. Will it take another twos to catch up.. Cindy