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Teacher Gift Ideas That Actually Get Used

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your teacher something she loves this year? We’re no longer a generation that just gives apples, we’re a group of people who gives teacher gifts that are actually usable. Check out these teacher Christmas gift ideas for the teacher in your life.

Teacher Gift Ideas That Actually Get Used - Farmer's Wife Rambles

Teacher Gift Ideas That Actually Get Used

Gift Cards

One of my favorite gifts to give teachers are gift cards! They can buy whatever they want or need without pressure. I can’t always give them a large amount on the gift card, but I truly feel as though this is an awesome gift idea. Sometimes I throw in a variety of gift cards to help ensure they have the best Christmas possible.  I make sure to always include a gift card from Teachers Pay Teachers, a site that a lot of teachers use for their daily work.

Teacher Supply Jar

Consider creating an amazing gift with a jar full of school supplies. Lots of times, school supplies come out of the pocket of the teacher. If you’re going to buy a gift, you might as well make it practical. Consider putting items like glue, crayons, paint, molding clay, and whatever else suits your fancy!  Pair this supply jar with a gift card and you have an inexpensive teacher gift idea that gets used!

Wellness Basket

Teachers catch colds too! It would be awesome to create a small basket with things like tea, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, k-cups, and even small lotions. Emergency-C is also a great addition to a basket like this. There’s nothing like having a basket of goodies on hand whenever you’re feeling down.


What teacher couldn’t use more electronics for his or her classroom? If you have an old iPod, iPad, or tablet, she might be able to use it in here classroom for learning. Digital reading and games are a great tool in the classroom to help enrich the lives of students.

I hope these teacher gift ideas help you to get a little creative this year! What gift will you be giving your child’s teacher?