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Teachers Get $200 In Gift Cards To Give To Your Students From GradSave

As you will remember from my post last week I believe in saving for a college education strongly.  Well it’s not only college education that I believe in very heavily but I believe in education period!  I went to college for my Education Degree and after both my kiddos are in school full time I will pursue putting that degree to use, but for now I will be happy volunteering in my son’s classroom and helping out the school anyway I can.

What if I could do both?   I could help out the school and help all the teachers get the kids in their classroom a jumpstart on their college savings?  Hmm how exactly could I accomplish that?  It’s simple really, GradSave makes it simple.  GradSave wants to reward teachers and educators and their students by offering teachers $200 in free GradSave College Savings Gift Cards that can be used in their classroom outstanding scholarship, hard-earned improvement or however you see fit.

As a teacher I would love that I could set each child in my classroom with the start of college funding and I would love the fact knowing 12 years later that they would be sent off hopefully with a college fund started. Every little bit helps right? That is why I am encouraging you to pass on this info to any teacher you know. Send it to your kids teachers, schools, neighbors, grandparents anyone you know really, the more who know about this opportunity the more college funds that can be started. How is it a losing situation.

If you are a teacher sign your classroom up here. If you are a parent/grandparent/friend looking to start a college fund get it started with a GradSave gift card (perfect Christmas gift!). Certainly don’t miss out on GradSave’s $10,000 Scholarship sweepstakes giveaway either. So much to do so little time so hurry 🙂




  • Eddie

    What a great program! 🙂

  • samantha

    Wow- I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this before. – so cool!