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Teaching Shapes – DIY Shape Car Garage

Are you in the process of trying to teach shapes to your little ones? A cool approach that I’ve done with my boys in the past is known as a Shape Car Garage. Here’s how you easily make this shape car garage, seriously the hardest part is finding the right box.

Teaching Shapes - DIY Shape Car Garage

Teaching Shapes – DIY Shape Car Garage


  1. Cardboard Box (preferably small)
  2. Markers
  3. Toy Cars


  1. Open up the box or cut an opening in a box.
  2. Make parking spaces in the box, just like you’d see in a parking garage.
  3. I added different shapes to each parking spot.
  4. Challenge the kids to find different shapes in the parking lot with their cars!

This activity isn’t just limited to boys, girls will love it just the same. All kids need to learn their shapes at some point or another, so it only makes sense to start now and with something they love!