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Thanksgiving Must Haves

Each family is different and will have the various items and dishes that are Thanksgiving must-haves for their get together. However, across the board, there are some factors that each family will agree upon. For example, most people will include cranberry sauce on their table even though it’s commonly tossed out and there’s a lot leftover. Either way, because so many people get stuck in traditional ways, they may not realize some Thanksgiving must-haves that will help them on their turkey day. Check out my list below for some items that you may be missing out on or don’t realize you need for your holiday plans.

Each family is different and will have the various items and dishes that are Thanksgiving must-haves for their get together.

Favorite Fall Decor

Many people skip decorating when it comes to fall or Thanksgiving and they just let the dozens of food dishes do the decorating. Then there are those who go all out on their decor. Whichever one you are, the decor is a must, especially if you’re the one with everyone coming over for the big dinner. Here are some ideas for your decor below.

Maple Leaf Fireplace Cloth

Fall Leaf Garland with Lights

Fall Throw Pillows

Fall Dish Towels

Cloth Napkins


Rustic Signs

Table Runner

Fun and Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Now for the fun part. Many of us are used to the usual gadgets and tools for Thanksgiving, but some of us have no clue what could be out there in order to help us with the big meal day. Here are some of my favorite suggestions.

Extra Large Cheese Plate Board – Having a cheeseboard can be common, depending on what family you talk to around the holidays. However, this cheeseboard goes above and beyond. Not only is it big enough to suit all family sizes, even large get-together, but it has magnetic storage for the various types of knives and utensils one might need to serve the cheeseboard. Plus, it’s super cute and would look great in connection with the holiday decor.

Wooden Napkin Rings – Of course there will be napkins at every dinner, but are they wooden napkin rings like these?? These look like actual chunks of tree are being used which is super rustic and adorable. These definitely would add an easy flair to the table and they’re a great tool for making the napkin presentation perfect with minimal work.

Lattice Cutter – Who doesn’t want to make a picture-worthy pie for Thanksgiving?? The pie is one of the biggest highlights for the holiday. This means that it has to be gorgeous and delicious all at once. This lattice cutter makes the job of prettying up a pie so much easier and not nearly as time-consuming.

Tools to Prepare the Turkey – Do you know how hard it is to find a baster in the store without having to order online? For some reason, the last couple of times I attempted to buy one at the store, they didn’t have them. Not just one store, but all of them. I had to order one online and was amazed at this. Many of us have had a baster for many years. However, if your baster needs to be replaced, you’ll want to get to ordering one online now or you may be out of luck. This one is long-lasting and comes with a flavor injector and a brush for the turkey as well which is super handy. This is one of my top Thanksgiving must-haves because nobody enjoys a dry turkey.

Infusion Roaster – If you want to try cooking your turkey a different way, try this roasting option! Easy setup and it’s definitely easy to use. It cooks it twice as fast as the traditional route and has the focus of keeping the flavors and juices inside the turkey. This means there’s less need for basting.

Poultry Lifter – Have you ever tried to move a turkey out of the pan to cut it or to present it whole on the table? Yeah, it can be a pain and is quite tricky. Instead of messing with all that trouble, just use this poultry lifter! It allows you to handle a heavy turkey without any mess or fuss. It’s worth every penny when it comes to Thanksgiving must-haves.

It was so hard to limit myself when it came to Thanksgiving must-haves. There are so many aspects to the holiday that there could be an endless list. However, I think you will enjoy all the suggestions above, especially the new gadgets to make your holiday meal a smoother process.