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Thanksgiving Must Haves

Thanksgiving must haves


With Thanksgiving right around the corner you may be thinking about how to prepare your home. Or maybe you’re trying to come up with the perfect present for the host of your family’s Thanksgiving Day event. Here are a few Thanksgiving must haves that will make perfect presents or give your home the exact feel you want before the holiday.

Thanksgiving could possibly be the most delicious holiday! Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving dish and that’s what makes the following items must haves for your home.

A twine holder may seem mundane, but it will look cute in your kitchen and help you when tying your turkey or chicken. Having a twine holder could be a small, yet essential part to Thanksgiving Day. Prepping the turkey to be cooked can be a daunting task, but having this handy contraption can make it much easier.

Another small yet handy device for your cooking ease is an herb mill. This appliance will be nice when cooking and to have out on the dinner table. You will need to use a lot of different spices when cooking so there needs to be enough. Keeping your spices in the giant containers they come in will look bad on the table. It will also be risky to be using the spices with the giant spouts at the top. If you have an herb mill it won’t look gaudy sitting on the dinner table, and you know you’ll have enough spices to last throughout the cooking and eating portion of the day, without the risk of accidentally using too much.

Other Thanksgiving must haves are decorations. While Thanksgiving doesn’t require all the bells and whistles of a holiday like Christmas, you’re home will surely benefit from the following things.

Blankets are the first item that will not only be a nice decoration for your home, but also provide some practical use. After the big meal, the turkey hits everyone and it’s time to relax. You may even have some guests take a quick nap. Having blankets throughout your home will be nice for your guests to curl up after all the eating. Even if everyone stays awake, the cold weather may have your guests asking for blankets; so having some orange or brown ones lying around will give your home and guests the warmth they need.

Filling your home with things like wicker baskets, herb wreaths, and warm colors are also must haves for your Thanksgiving. These items will give your home the desired, homey look of the holiday season. Nice silverware, dishes and platters will also make your home a practical place to have Thanksgiving. Filling your home with the right amount of nice things will make the day run smooth, and give you the response you want out of your guests.

If you’re looking to make your Thanksgiving holiday perfect, make sure you consider purchasing the must haves for the season. If you’re looking to give the perfect gift to the host of your Thanksgiving event you should also consider giving them some of these must haves to put to use on the big day. Having these things will create a warm, friendly environment that’s inviting of not only the guests, but also of the work that goes into the holiday as well.

This article was written by Lauren Beerling who works with a Minneapolis Consignment Store.