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Three Different Ways to Get Your Kids to Study

All parents want their children to do well in school, and studying properly can help them meet that goal. Most children do not like to study, and blowing your top trying to force the studying can turn into an argument. Most kids just want to know just enough to pass a test and do not want to spend their time studying to know all the information. Studying involves making data relevant, and that takes time. Below are three different ways to get your kid’s to study.

Set Apart Time for Studying

Let your children know that they will have a specific amount of study time. Tell them that this means the cell phones the televisions are off. Do not allow your children to squeeze in their study time around other personal events. Make the study time the first appointment on the calendar, and stick to the study schedule. Scheduling short 30 minute blocks of time is enough to focus their attention on the material they are studying. When the 30 minutes is up, allow them to get up and take a break. Plan these blocks of time sporadically throughout the day or night. During their breaks, allow them to text their friends, make a call or even go to a movie, but the studying time must come first.

Help Your Children Stay Organized

Help your children organize their study materials before they start a study session. If they have to keep getting up for books, paper or pencils, the study time is wasted. Some kids will actually do this on purpose to keep from studying. When your child is studying, make sure their book, handouts, pens, paper, computer and notes are all readily available to study for that specific subject. Once everything is in place, start the timer for your study session. Being organized is the best way for them to use their time wisely.

Get a Tutor

If your child has a hard time studying, hiring a tutor can be the perfect answer. With a tutor, your children receive one-on-one attention without worrying about their peers at school. They can ask the tutor questions that they may not have had time to ask the teacher. A teacher can only spend quality time with one student for so long and then has to move on, but the tutor can dedicate all their time to your child. All children have a different way of studying and processing information. Many times the student is learning in a way they do not understand. A well-trained tutor can provide other ways for your child to learn and study that are helpful. A personal tutor can help a child absorb material in a different and interesting that a teacher might not be able to do.

Hopefully, some of the tips above will be helpful for making studying much easier and more efficient for your child.

About The Author Of Three Different Ways to Get Your Kids to Study

Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that usually writes about parenting. She is promoting local oshawa tutors through Tutor Doctor Oshawa. She is an avid cyclist and mother of one.




  • Angela

    Great tips! It’s so important to have a dedicated and organized study area.

  • Nikki

    Great ideas! I struggle with getting my son to study and do homework. He’s only 7, so he’s not cramming for major exams yet or anything, but still, he hates homework time so much that he cries sometimes. He’s doing incredibly well in school, though, so I don’t push it too much,

  • Tazim

    All great ideas – especially the tutor part. Sometimes it’s hard to want to listen to your parents when it comes to homework.