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Tip Tuesday: Blender Pancakes


I even attempted a Mickey Mouse pancake straight from the blender.

I even attempted a Mickey Mouse pancake straight from the blender.

Welcome to Tip Tuesday!  Where I plan on sharing a new tip with you each week.  Something that will save a little time and generally is done on the cheap!

Blender Pancakes

Homemade pancakes are a part of our Sunday routine.  It’s something the whole family loves to eat and each person can customize it to their own liking.  I like peanut butter or butter and honey.  All three of my boys like whip cream on them.  Coulter loves his with just the whip cream while Corbin likes some syrup on top of his whip cream.  Cory it took a little doing to get him to eat pancakes but now he requests them, and always with peanut butter, whip cream and syrup.

All three of them love having chocolate chips added into their pancakes and I must admit that is our usual stand in if I am not being very creative, which most Sunday mornings my brain has decided to take the day off.

With my new recent purchase of a Ninja blender I figured I would give my whisk a break for the week and see how well the Ninja mixed up our homemade pancakes.  After all, this is how I mix up my dessert crepes why not pancakes.  I must say I was impressed AND I could pour the pancake batter right from the blender.  No extra scoop needed.  To make your Blender Pancakes use your basic pancake recipe and combine all ingredients in the blender.  Mix on low and ta-dah!  I couldn’t add chocolate chip directly to the batter because I think it would have pulverized them, however I just sprinkled a couple chocolate chips on the batter while it was in the pan.  Everyone was happy because they all got their homemade pancakes and I actually had one less dish.

How do you make a photo of this look pretty?

How do you make a photo of this look pretty?

Blender pancakes just might replace my usual pancakes every week.  Cory may have given me a hard time when I first started pulling the blender out but his lips are sealed now.

Does your family have a Sunday morning tradition?  What is your favorite pancake flavor?

Looking for more tips to make life easier?  Tuesday Tips is a great place to find them and my Top Five often contains a couple.




  • Sandy VanHoey

    Never thought of putting it in a blender but love the idea of this. My daughter makes often for my grandchildren. They always add strawberries and whipped cream…like a dessert I think

  • keely hostetter

    That would make it much easier. My kids like banana pancakes and that would be faster in mixing it up rather than mashing up the banana.

  • What a great idea! I love to try new ways that make cleanup easier too!