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Tip Tuesday: Remember Your Passwords

Welcome to Tip Tuesday!  Where I plan on sharing a new tip with you each week.  Something that will save a little time and generally is done on the cheap!

Remember Your Passwords

If you are like me you can’t remember your passwords or keep them straight for love or money. I have hundreds of passwords and many of them are for sites that I only use once or twice a year. Instead of having little scraps of paper hanging around I keep my passwords in a Rolodex.

The Rolodex keeps everything alphabetized for me and allows a quick reference system. I rarely post my full password on the card but rather a quick clue that will head my brain in the right direction.  It also works wonders for those passwords that the hubs and I have to share.  You know there are a few of them that he picked and you can never pull it out of your brain.  Simple clues like his “favorite dessert” or “Coulter’s first dog” are a huge help.

How do you keep all your passwords straight?  Use the same one for everything?

Looking for more tips to make life easier?  Tuesday Tips is a great place to find them and my Top Five often contains a couple.




  • Krystle

    i don’t keep my passwords organized LOL I rely on the email me my forgotten password thing lol

  • mel

    This is so important. I always forget mine!

  • Grace Hodgin

    That is a great tip and never thought about using a rolodex that way.

    • Brandy

      It sure has cut back on the password reset buttons I hit 🙂

  • Danielle

    It’s probably not the best way but I use variations and plays on the same thing. And I know which ones are used for which sites.

    • Brandy

      I wish I could Danielle. I forget which variation I used and then get locked out of everything. Wish that memory was better!