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Tips For A Great Budget Friendly At Home Pedicure

With Spring and Summer always bringing your favorite sandals out of the closet, it is time to consider some of our tips for a great budget friendly at home pedicure. Nobody wants to wear open toed shoes without freshly painted nails, but a pedicure can cost a lot at your local salon. This year, you can give your feet and toes the luxury experience at home and on a budget.

Tips For A Great Budget Friendly At Home Pedicure - Farmer's Wife Ramble

Tips For A Great Budget Friendly At Home Pedicure

Invest in the right tools. One of the best parts of a pedicure isn’t just getting your nails done but the foot bath and the massage offered for your feet in the process. You can create this at home with a few simple tools. Your initial up front investment will usually cost less than one single spa pedicure in a salon. The best part is this investment will give you multiple great at home pedicures!

  1. Small foot bath: You can use a small tub with hot water, or invest in a special foot spa that offers a massage option. Warm water with the right scrub and soap can feel just as wonderful.
  2. Exfoliating Foot Scrub: One of the most important parts of an at home pedicure is getting your feet nicely exfoliated and smooth. I love Perfectly Posh Schwanky & Soft Exfoliating Foot Cream to help smooth the dry skin on my feet. It is made just for feet so works wonders on making sure your feet look their best in your sandals.
  3. Skin softening lotion: After you get all of the dry skin off your feet, you want to give them an invigorating massage that also softens your feet. A cooling gel like Perfectly Posh Cool Your Sole is a great choice.
  4. Quality nail clippers: You probably have a set of clippers in your bathroom, but the right clippers are needed for making sure you don’t cut your toenails too short or cause irritation. Look for toenail clippers, as well as cuticle tools that you an easily use for your own at home pedicure.
  5. Get some help. An at home pedicure can seem daunting, but it is made a lot easier when get some help. If you have daughters that might want a pedicure as well, you can let them help you by giving you a foot massage, or even helping you to add polish to your toes. You can then return the favor. Another option is to host a girls night in pedicure party that lets you and your best friends help each other get an at home pedicure at half the price of the salon.
  6. Find fun colors and embellishments. You probably think it is impossible to make those pretty designs your nail tech does in the salon. You can actually create beautiful designs using things like nail pens, adhesive stickers just for nails, or even a stencil for your polish.  These make your at home pedicure experience even more fun and of course keep the budget in tact.

These tips for giving yourself a great at home pedicure on a budget are perfect for anyone.  Grab a fun supplies and enjoy giving your feet a special treat.