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Top Five: 5 ways to save money

1. Use coupons

This one is perfect because it is so simple but effective! If you search for coupon codes on any product before you purchase then you are saving money in the simplest form and it becomes part of your shopping habits so that you save with every purchase.

2. Buy in bulk

When you buy a packaged good, make sure you buy the biggest size available because they often offer much better value than their smaller counterparts. If you are very keen then most supermarkets will display the price per kilogram (even on packaged goods) so do a quick calculation and get more for your money, literally!

3. Buy raw ingredients not ready meals

Ready meals are expensive because you are paying for the work and effort that has gone in to the preparation and then, most importantly, packaging of the product. If you buy your vegetables and meat separately and make the meal yourself then that is likely to be a more cost effective (and healthy) way of eating!

4. Packaged goods

Some products you just have to purchase in packets and cannot make at home. A good example is coffee machine ‘pods’ that you have to buy from the manufacturer or supplier, so using Tassimo coupons is an option to save money while still getting the same quality product!

5. Near sell-by date

Most major food retailers will have a section for products that are near or on the sell-by date and are sold at a heavily discounted price. If you shop on the day you need the food and make the most of the options available then your money will go further.