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5 Indoor Activities With Painters Tape

5 Indoor Activities With Painters Tape

5 Indoor Activities With Painters Tape

January in Colorado means COLD.  I mean we have been -30!  Yes that is 30 degrees below 0.  That makes for cranky kids and an even crankier momma as we are cooped up together for days on end.   When it comes that time it is time for the painters tape to come out.  Yes I said painters tape.  It’s inexpensive and it won’t damage your floors or walls.  Keep in mind that I do have a play room made for these types of activities.  All the activities below do require a little bit of space and no glass around.

Painters tape is the perfect tool to always have on hand to bring out door games to the inside.  Use the activities with painters tape below and I am sure you will bring laughs to your ordinary day.

Hopscotch – So Coulter started pre-school last fall and one of the “tests” he was asked to perform was to hop on one foot.  Can we say fail?  We always knew Coulter was not going to be the most agile child but this really showed us how much we needed to work on it.  So winter days will be filled with indoor hopscotch with a board that easily cleans up.  Coulter is learning some hopping skills, Corbin will be ready to pass the hopping on one foot test and I am storing memories of lots of laughs.  Plus what a great game to learn numbers.

Bean Bag Toss – Since my boys are little I am still brave enough to play this game in doors.  With soft bean bags and some painters tape circles on my floor.  It works great because it takes minutes to tape down on the floor and I don’t have to store an actual board with holes in it.  Bean bag toss is a great way to work on hand eye coordination and of course throwing/tossing skills.

Line Tag – If you have a living room/play room big enough this game is a blast.  I encourage you to actually leave it out for a few days though as laying our your lines can get a little tedious.  Great Group Games has a good description if you don’t know what line tag is.  We use the painters tape to make our lines since we don’t have a gym at our disposal.

Long Jump – Painters tape makes a great starting and ending line.  As noted above Coulter is going to needs lots of help working on his agility and long jumping will be helpful.  We have plenty of room in our dining room for this and we are even using the stairs to add a bit more “challenge”.  Corbin is an amazing jumper and I am positive the kid is going to grow up to be a stunt man.

Four square – I once babysat a family with four kids and they had a four square board drawn on their carpet in the family room.  I am not brave enough to draw on my carpet with a marker…or actually play four square in the house BUT if you are I would advise painters tape instead of a marker.

Have you used painters tape for anything besides painting?  Thinking one of the above will be a great fit for your household?

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