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Top Five: Inexpensive Date Nights

Date nights can be tough to get around our house.  Time is an issue for us but money is another thing.  The expense of paying a babysitter, dinner, movie, treats at the movie, and gas to cover the 50 mile road trip all makes date night expensive.  Cory and I have had to think outside the box of what “date” night consists of.  Below are a couple that we have tried out and had success with.

1.  People Watch– Head to the mall (Walmart in our case) and people watch while sharing a drink or dessert.  Cory and I make up stories about the people that we see walk by.  This gives us time to just catch up and have us time.

2.  Head to amateur night at the coffee shop– This is far from Cory’s favorite but we make it work.  After all love is a little give and take right.

3.  Farmer’s Market – During the summer head out to the farmer’s market.  I love this one because we can agree on it.  I love the local shopping I get in and farmer Cory loves to inspect everyone’s crops.  If I can keep my window shopping in control and stick to the weekly basics of groceries this is one of our cheapest date nights (days).

4.  Bird/Duck Feeding – Grab a loaf of bread and head out to the local park or lake.  The birds get a well wanted treat and the two of us get our time together.  This works great if you can’t find a sitter.

5.  Drive In – If the movies is really calling you find a drive in.  Cuddle up in your car together with dinner and snacks from home.  Bonus:  feeling like a teenager with fewer worries than paying the mortgage or when the youngest needs his shots.


What qualifies for “date” night in your house?

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